Let all races compete on a level playing field


Let all races compete on a level playing field
By Zan Azlee

They say you should keep close to your friends and even closer to your enemies, and that is the main reason I still read Utusan Malaysia. I recently read a piece of writing in the said newspaper by Dr. Alias Mohamed, the president of the National Association of Malay Journalists and Writers of Malaysia.

The said doctor explained his thoughts on the elaborate plan the Chinese have in trying to take over control and power of Malaysia. He detailed it from pre-independence of the country right up till the formation of Malaysia, and the political and economic scene today.

From what I gather, the main point of the said doctor’s piece is that the Chinese in Malaysia are now slowly succeeding in their plan after more than sixty years. The great conspiracy theory, huh?

My response to this can be a very simple one, depending on how you look at things. They say that only the strong survives, and that the rule of the survival of the fittest exists. So it really isn’t that complicated to me. If the Malays are weak, then according to the rule of the universe, they deserve to be obliterated anyway. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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