N. Dhamendran could be Malay for all I care

N. Dhamendran could be Malay for all I care
By Zan Azlee

In this day and age, the immediate reaction most people usually have when it comes to social and political issues are posted on to social media. As a journalist, my immediate reaction most of the time is to post something on social media as well. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram being my preferred choice.

Then of course, since I have the outlet, I will write about it in more depth in my columns or even in my video reports and documentaries. And in this day and age, reaction and response from others to our comments are also very immediate and, most of the time, without much thought.

Yesterday, I posted an article in the Malay Mail on Facebook and Twitter about deaths in police custody and how Malays and Chinese detainees have died too aside from Indians. This is, of course, my response to the recent death of N. Dhamendran while in police custody. And we all know that the policemen who were allegedly involved have now been charged.

All of a sudden, a person on my friend list commented that when other races die, no fuss is made. But when Indians die, everyone makes noise. And he adds, apparently, that when an Indian dies, they all make noise as if Malay policemen are so evil. Now just back up right there. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

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