In The Heat Of Battle: The story of Lembah Pantai


Part 1 – Sup kambing satu!

The 13th General Election period has begun. And throughout the campaigning period, I will be focusing on the federal constituency of Lembah Pantai, which I feel is a nice sample of Malaysia and of the General Election.

There are the high profile candidates, the rich and powerful elite class, the middle class, the hard working class, all of the major races, long time locals and also the migrants from other parts of the country that have made this area their home.

Extrapolate it and you will see that this is a good representation of Malaysian society and politics. But of course, I am but a mere journalist who can only attempt to be as efficient and proficient as I can be. So you may disagree.(And full disclosure, this is also the constituency in which I am voting!)Nomination has yet to happen but the sentiments on the ground have been heated since almost two years ago. Going to the field to gather a feel for what are on Malaysians minds proved to be like opening a can of overly-compressed sardines. Official campaigning by the candidates hasn’t started since that is only allowed to happen after nomination day. So the first stop I made was to the heart of Malaysiana… the warong and gerais.
And if you think that is just the media’s spiel to side the caretaker government, just scroll slightly lower and watch the next video interview with another gerai owner who has been doing business in the area for more than forty years.

This General Election is believed to be the most heated one in the history of Malaysia. The number of registered voters is at a record high. People are coming out and voicing their opinions and expressing their wants and needs. The politicians have to up their game.This is Malaysia Memilih 2013.
*Log on to English.AstroAwani.Com as much as you can this GE13 period to see Zan Azlee’s regular multimedia presentation of ‘In the Heat of Battle: The story of Lembah Pantai’. Zan is spearheading Astro AWANI’s pioneer team of Solo-Journalists.

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