Do you really think Malaysia is a great nation?


Is Malaysia a great nation?
By Zan Azlee

“A great nation is the voluntary creation of its people—a people composed of men and women whose pride in themselves is founded on the knowledge of what they can give to a community of which they in turn can be proud.” – Margaret Thatcher, October 1980

This is a great time to be a Malaysian. Every morning I wake up and I start to tremble from the bottom of my feet right up to the ends of my long silky flowing hair! The 13th General Election is approaching and now that the Election Commission has announced the date, 5th May 2013 will be the date that all Malaysians will be anticipating.

Many have predicted that this particular general election will be the most hotly contested and of which the outcome will have the biggest impact on the country. I do not doubt that one single bit. However, I do believe that the impact and change has already happened, regardless of the result outcome. [Click to read the rest of the article at]


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