So what if my brother is a Christian?


If you’ve been living in a cave, let me enlighten you of the fact that Astro AWANI, Malaysia’s first 24-hour news channel now has a website! Booyah! And I have a new column on the site every Wednesdays (My The Malaysian Insider column still continues every Friday)! So head on over and be my fanboy (or fangirl)!

So what if my brother is a Christian?
By Zan Azlee

KUALA LUMPUR: I really don’t want to get dragged into the ‘Allah’ name game again. But sometimes (all the time, actually!), I am prone to getting irritated easily and it makes me do things I regret!

So here goes my rant.

I’ve written about this issue several times and even shot a documentary about it before, and I thought that was it for me and my role in nation building. But it looks like my calling has come again.

I’m not a fan of Ibrahim Ali, and I dare bet my right pinky finger and my left pinky toe that neither are many other sane, rational and normal people in Malaysia.

That’s why when he announced that he wanted to burn Bibles, I just kept silent and didn’t comment at all. That guy just isn’t worth a single drop of my saliva.

But then, when I think of Malaysia and all my fellow countrymen, I have to do something or I wouldn’t be deserving of that flat piece of plastic in my wallet called a MyKad. [Click to read the full article at ASTROAWANI.COM]

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