Muzzle knowledge, and be muzzled by fire!

As an academic, I have been insulted by incidents in the last few weeks. So, here’s my column for The Malaysian Insider this week.

Muzzle knowledge, and be muzzled by fire
By Zan Azlee

NOV 4 — Education and knowledge is something that is very important to me. And equally important is the process of gaining it. The recent issue with the International Islamic University’s (IIU or UIA) suspension of Prof Dr Abdul Aziz Bari is an embarrassment in my eyes.

An academic should be allowed to express his educated and intellectual views if so he wishes because it is his right and his responsibility to do so. It is this right and responsibility of an academic that will lead to better educated students and a more civilised society.

If this right and responsibility is taken away from an academic, then the society that has done so would be a society that stifles intellectual development. As an Islamic university (as its name suggests), should it not be more Islamic?

Maybe I can assist by providing a particular quote by Prophet Muhammad:

“Whoever conceals knowledge would be muzzled on the Day of Resurrection with a muzzle of fire.” [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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