Have you ‘played’ the news today?

Back to journalism and the media for my column this week at The Malaysian Insider.

Have you ‘played’ the news today?
By Zan Azlee

AUG 5 — I always thought I was all hip and up to date with the latest in all things media, and I made sure I bragged about it to my students and everyone else too. Then, during a lecture one day, a small and scrawny student of mine raised his hand and asked if I enjoyed playing computer games.

“Zan, what do you think of computer games?” he asked while adjusting his spectacles.

“Ha! o games are for people who can’t do the real thing but just like to fantasise that they can!” I laughed.

I was obviously poking fun at scrawny nerds in front of TV screens pretending to be hot shot English Premier League football players or mutant super heroes who save the day.

“Have you heard of news games?” he went on.

“News what?”

“News games, sir. It’s computer games that are based on news and current affairs.”

Apparently, there is a new medium for journalism and it’s actually computer games. Basically, you get your news from playing a game instead of the newspaper. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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