Blind faith has no place in religion

Is choosing which religion to believe in like a game of roulette? You just don’t know if the dice is going to land in the right place!

Blind faith has no place in religion
By Zan Azlee

JUNE 24 — What happens when you apply reason and logic to the Islamic religion? You would be eternally damned to hell. Or so many would want you to believe. And why would they want you to believe that? It makes it easier for them to control how you practise Islam.

And so they would have you believe that religion requires blind faith and involves no logic whatsoever. Or what many would like to call a “leap of faith.”

I can’t accept that because it basically means that if you were to believe in Islam, it meant that you had to just accept things as is for no reason but because God says so.

I truly believe that Islam is a religion that promotes and encourages reason as the Quran has stated in Surah Al Jathiyah.

“And in the succession of night and day, and in the means of subsistence which God sends down from the skies, giving life thereby to the earth after it had been lifeless, and in the change of the winds: in all this there are messages for people who use their reason.”

Although mankind is moving forward in terms of technology, health and whatever else, it seems that everything is the opposite when it comes to religious progress. [Read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

2 responses to “Blind faith has no place in religion

  1. Hoping for religion to change from something that is based on faith to something that is based on reason and logic is like hoping apples would change into oranges.

    It is important to understand and appreciate what religions are and are not. All religions – and not only Islam – are faith based philosophies. As such religions require their adherents to believe. Believe requires faith. Faith DOES NOT require reason or logic.

    Religion requires faith because religion claims to KNOW the Truth. Almost all religions claim knowledge of some ultimate Truth. This truth is usually revealed through some prophets, messengers, saviors or gurus. These same prophets, messengers, saviors and gurus did not arrive at the acclaimed truth using reason and logic. All these heroes of religion proclaimed truth that was in turn revealed to them. Hence reason and logic has had little to do with the founding or growth or any religion.

    Therefore it is vital to understand that religions are not a SEARCH for the Truth. Instead religions are a CLAIM to the Truth. This Truth of religions is something that is revealed. And religions hold nothing more that the authority of the revelation as validation for their claims.

    Hence the truths that religions claim have not been arrived at through reason and logic but simply through some mysterious revelation. Revelation does not lend itself to analysis – hence one cannot apply reason and logic to it.

    However, this does mean that religion is devoid of reason and logic. Of course there is reason and logic in religion but it has to always be subservient to faith. In religion, reason and logic cannot override faith. Faith always has the final say. That’s just the way it is and everyone should to accept it.

    So one is left with two choices. The first is to accept the revelations of religions – warts and all – based on faith. The second is to apply reason and logic to religion and see it that it fails to fully satisfy it and then reject religion. That is the choice that faces us. One requires faith and the other requires bravery. What’s your choice?


  2. Religion perhaps started as faith based philosophies a long time ago. In today’s time however, the faith needs to be supported by reason & logic, otherwise it is only blind faith; accepting things as told and follow without questioning.

    This inevitably places undue amount of authority or power in the hands of the few, and as the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts” for us all weak humans ain’t it.

    Some religions by the way do not encourage leap of faith, but rather, to seek the truth through one’s own reason & logic.


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