I’ll have a beer… but hold the pork please!

Oohh… all of you are in for a treat! It’s Zain the Confused Kid – Part Trois!!!! Beer please!! But hold the pork!! Go read it at The Malaysian Insider today!

Zain Azri, the confused kid – Part 3
By Zan Azlee

OCT 17 — This week, we follow Zain as he goes for an outing with a group of his friends who also happen to be his university mates. They go out for dinner and then a night out on the town — hanging out and most probably listening to some “live” music. The guys all stuff themselves into Zain’s cute little mint green Perodua Kancil and they drive off, leaving Shah Alam for the city.

It’s right about dinner time when the boys get to a food court. Spoilt for choice, the boys scramble as they go for their favourite food. Zain rushes to a stall that has the sign “Beef Ball Noodles”, manned by a friendly-looking uncle in a Pagoda singlet dipping noodles into a pot of soup. [Click to read the rest of the article]

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