Zain, the confused kid – Part 2

More of the adventures of Zain the confused kid!

Zain Azri, the confused kid – Part 2
By Zan Azlee

SEPT 24 — In the last instalment of Zain’s adventures, we left him confused about his ethnic identity. This week, we fast-forward a few years and he is now in Standard 6. This is an important year for Zain. He will be sitting for his UPSR examination. It will determine how he will move forward into secondary school. The school is feeling the pressure, and so are the students.

But Zain seems to be taking it pretty easy. He’s still playing basketball in school and going to movies. He’s still watching his favourite television shows with his mother at night and assembling radio control cars with his father in the evenings. Of course Zain doesn’t forget his homework. He still does his homework diligently but a 12-year-old kid still needs to have his fun. [Click to read the rest of the article]


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