Zan’s latest film, I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border, is now ready for consumption!

The time has come for all of you to stop chewing your fingernails to a pulp! The anticipation is over! Zan’s latest film I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border is now ready for consumption on ntv7 throughout September 2009! Above is the freshly cut trailer to the film.

Serialized version:
30 minutes x 4 episodes
Every Fridays (starting 4th Sept 2009) at 7:30pm on ntv7.

Full length version:
74 minutes
20th Sept 2009 at 2pm on ntv7.

Catch it for a life-altering experience!

Also… I will be appearing on BERNAMA Radio24 on Monday, 31st Aug 09, on the All Angles talk show to talk about my film. It’ll be live, so tune in to 93.9FM at 12nn-1pm!!!

One response to “Zan’s latest film, I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border, is now ready for consumption!

  1. Zan, fallen roof caused by Siam? Have you heard of another side of the story that it was not completed because of power struggle between the sultan and his brother? Power struggle is pretty common isn’t it? Just look at Kelantan today. It seems to me that many of this series are blaming the Buddhist or Thais or the Thai government. Have you not try to explore the faults of muslims?

    I believe that the Thai government needs to look into and improve the conditions of muslims in southern Thailand. No doubt about this. As Thai citizens southern Thailand should enjoy the same benefits accorded to Thais elsewhere. However the first thing is whether the locals want to be accepted as Thais.

    Let’s make a comparison with Malaysia since you are a Malaysian. Many a times, do you not notice that injustice and discrimination are committed against the non muslims including other non muslim bumiputras? What is the difference? On one hand those in Malaysia keep quiet and do not partake in violence or insurgency but those in Thailand? Bombings, Assasination etc…

    I don’t doubt that many Thai muslims in southern Thailand only want peace but they have got to stand out and denounce terrorism LOUDLY. They have got to be united to fight terrorism. This is their basic role as a Thai citizen. Only if the government and people work together will there be a solution.

    Please remember that there are always 2 or more sides of the story and that it takes 2 or more hands to clap.


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