THE LIFE & TIMES… editing begins… and gets a new name… and gets a broadcasting deal… and is looking for advertisers!

Before you start reading this entry… click and get the video above downloading first! Done so? That red line moving? Okay! Now start reading!

It’s been a while. Work and other crap has been intense! My film ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY’ has been taking a back seat for a while… but not anymore! I’ve started editing and its coming along sweet! Also got a deal with a local broadcaster. Where else but your feel good channel… ntv7! It’s going to have a new special TV title… ‘I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER’. They want to brand it based on my previous film ‘I’M MUSLIM TOO!’. Keep your fingers crossed… you all might get an annual dosage of FAT BIDIN (A.K.A. = ME!) in the years to come! Muahahahaha!

So… any sponsors or advertisers? National airtime is confirmed you know! Come on… you know you want to! Heheh! My line is always open! Contact me!

Okay… cut the crap! Check out the first video blog from the film and let me know what you think!

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