My video story on ‘1Malaysia’ for The Malaysian Insider

Ever wonder what 1Malaysia is really all about? Well, wonder no more! I took to the town to find out. The video story above (which I did for The Malaysian Insider) reveals my findings!

One response to “My video story on ‘1Malaysia’ for The Malaysian Insider

  1. Halo Zan 😀 Aku dah tengok….

    1Malaysia ni, I think is a new twist to an old story. I also believe that it cannot be achieved 100% as the 3 main races are not ‘talking’ to one another when it comes to really understanding what each is about.

    In my humble opinion, a bit of open-ness, realization and understanding (learning about other cultures and races) should take place between the races… then things will improve insyaAllaah. At the same time, respect should also come into the picture… cuz when you realize and understand… an educated and well informed mind will be able to respect the other party, whilst preserving one’s own identity and cultural heritage 😀 But of course… without transgressing certain limits… How to know the limits? haaa.. back to realization and understanding and learning la. Hhehehehe.

    Anywayz… I see nowadays that Malays, Chinese and INdians know almost ZIT about one another. All we know are the perceived limitations and negativities of the other party. Tu pasal la again… kena understand and learn. But of course, this requires effort 😀

    So apa kata kita make this 1Malaysia as the effort to learn and understand one another…. and then respect and all those good things will fall into place. Kira macam zaman tok nenek dulu la… where M,C and I idop aman damai dan ber-geng2 antara satu sama lain 😀

    Annywayz… dis is what I think.. 😀


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