Read my column lah! Please…

Fresh from my video story I did for The Malaysian Insider… I then went and wrote an opinion piece for them. Go check it out here.

It’s going to be a fortnightly column… where I will scour the Internet for interesting videos and comment on them based on current affairs and pop culture.

Below is the video (click on the screen capture to view) and an excerpt of what I wrote:

“MAY 15 — I never like taking responsibility for mistakes I’ve made. It means admitting that I was wrong at something. And when I admit that I’m wrong, it means that I’m not perfect. I can’t stand not being perfect. The reason being, I am perfect.

So I guess I can relate to people who can’t seem to admit to their mistakes. Let’s say, for example, the mayor of Crumble Rock City wants to develop his town. He encourages the construction of buildings all around so that the city looks modern and sophisticated.” [Click for more]

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!


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