It is done!

Here’s Ali Azhari, lead guitarist and producer of Arsames. He lives in Tehran and not in Mashhad with the rest of the band. Aside from playing music, he’s also a TV and film director.

I have finally finished editing ‘I’m Muslim Too!’. The first cut was a freaking 2hours 10minutes long torture-struggle fest! I cut it down to 90minutes… showed it to the Outphace gang (sarcastic mofos!) and got some valuable comments… and now the final cut is 73minutes.

Aggressive hawking of the film to broadcasters and distributors shall now go on full force! (Sponsors and funders are still welcome! Muahaha!)

12 responses to “It is done!

  1. “When you’re living in a lonely word, you try and create another world beside it — and I created my own.”

    Well if Toufan* had won in 1978, rather than Khomeni, perhaps his world would not be so lonely.

    However, between the US imeprialists and Zionist Israel on the one hand, and the Iranians on the other, there is no question of whom I will support in the conflict between the US-imperialists on the one hand and the people of the world on the other.

    Workers, Oppressed Nations and People of the World, Unite!

    * Toufan — the Communist Party of Iran (Workers and Peasants)


  2. Just blog hopping. Been hearing about you here and there, so I guess this IS ‘the’ Zan Azlee. I’m very impressed with your involvements and achievements, considering you look quite young. Well, congrats and best of luck! 😉


  3. hey charles… nice one!

    wani… how young do you think i am? hahaha! people tend to think i’m way way way younger than my actual age. which is cool! hahahaha!


  4. i also been blog hopping, asik terdengar nama zan zan jek .. so ini la “THE” zan azlee. hensem gak ekk, muda lagi rasanya nih (eh, muda boleh rasa ke? ahaks.)

    tapi kan zan, i kat luar negara. rasanya u boleh ke kasi free video utk i ngk? nanti i belanja la u minum minum lepas main basketball.

    eh u main basketball kan? itu pun i dengar la org ckp, terer u main …



  5. HAMED!! how’s it going man? brutal all the way!

    BETIK… tak guna ko! sebagai balasan… aku taknak letak ko dlm filem aku!

    WANI… i’m 30 this year… but my grandma says i act like i’m 3!! hahaha!! and… i still haven’t got enough facial hair!


  6. bob… aku pun rasa camtu jugak lah. diorang nak cover kot!

    aishah… ha’ah! Jom Internet… sponsored by TM Net. do we know each other? by the way… i’m back at ntv7 on a freelance basis… helping them produce a new documentary series.


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