Floating in a pool of semen

I’m in Amman, Jordan. Main reason… to attend the Jerash Festival of Culture and Arts for my film. But before I sorted out my press pass, I did a little sightseeing. And boy… everything in the Middle-East reminds you of God! It still didn’t make me feel guilty about watching porn on Arabic satellite TV in the hotel, though! Haha!

First religious site… the place where John The Baptist baptised Jesus. For the ultra-conservative Malay dudes and dudettes who might think I’m going the Lina Joy way… don’t worry… I’m not! I’ll rephrase… the place where Yahya baptised Isa. Ok?

The baptism site is by the River Jordan and it’s the border of Jordan and Israel. Because it’s a highly sensitive zone, we were only allowed to go there with a guide. Notice the Israel flag behind me in the picture? It’s only a few feet away… but I’m now claiming to have been to Israel! Muahaha!

Then I went to Mount Nebo, the place where Moses (oops! sorry ultra-conservative Malay dudes and dudettes! I meant Musa!), according to the Bible, apparently ascended to heaven. But of course the Quran has a different story.

I then floated in the Dead Sea. When I was in STAR, Ipoh (my secondary all-boys boarding school), the ustaz use to tell stories of Lut and his homosexual homies. God got angry because of their hanky panky and so He flooded their land… thus the Dead Sea (now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn’t have gone in for a dip! yucks! no wonder everything floats in the Dead Sea, huh!). But the boys in my school didn’t care! They still had their JAMBUS! Haha!

10 responses to “Floating in a pool of semen

  1. LOL, what’s this obsession about ultra-conservatives and Musa/Moses and Jesus/Isa? Its the same thing! I wish I could go to Jordan one day, though.

    – MENJ


  2. I think … kalau tak nak offend ‘ultra-conservative’, then you should mention A’laihis-Salam when mentioning of the prophets name.

    Changing Moses to Musa and Jesus to Isa doesnt make a difference.


  3. Speaking about Lina Joy, perhaps you would like to make a film on muslim converts to other religion from the islamic faith? In many of your videos, you claim to want to offer various perspective in as balance a view as you can.

    Why not make a video for the non muslims?


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