Popiahs, Murtabaks and a Patriotic Donkey

My first work to be invited to an international film festival. I like it. I think it’s funny. You may now kill yourself for the time wasted here.

Popiahs, Murtabaks and a Patriotic Donkey (2003)
Genre: Documentary/Video Essay
Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
Screenings & Awards:
– 26th New York Asian-American International Film Festival 2003
– The Emergency Filmmaking Project 2003 (Singapore)
– Cyberjaya Digital Video Competition 2003 Gold Award (Humour and Spoof)
– 2004 Eksperimento Film & Video Festival (Philippines)

5 responses to “Popiahs, Murtabaks and a Patriotic Donkey

  1. i love the premise, the script… your voice. could do better with camera work and editing though. but hey, who am i to talk??? ko memang gempak!!! respekkkkk!!!


  2. haiya! it was my first film lah… way back in 2003 (fuyoo! lamanya!). you should see my work now… damn kick ass mofo kitty lickin’!!

    btw… the script was really a column i wrote which appeared in the sun newspaper in 2001.


  3. ok lah, teruskan usaha anda. Cyberjaya Digital Video Competition ni apa? ada kena mengena dengan KJ ke?


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