Preview ‘The Look-East Project’ this Tuesday

Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia will be previewing The Look-East Project AKA Pandang Ke Timur to the public on Tuesday, 27th March, 8pm, at HELP University-College, Pusat Bandar Damansara. I’ll be showing a couple of my video blogs too, and this includes the short videos of the Jeff Ooi & Rocky court cases (which is part of my next film project called ‘I May Be Malaysian, But I Carry A Big Stick’).

ntv7’s 7 Patrol will be around to hand out freebies and talk about FESTIVALJeff Ooi will be there… I will be there… and if that doesn’t give you a tingly sensation… there will also be hot babes in skimpy baju kurungs pole dancing on stage!

Admission is free… seats are limited… so keep Tuesday evening free and come over or you will have to just wait for the film to air on ntv7 on Merdeka eve to finally see it (yup… that’s the confirmed broadcast date)!


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