Anti-Toll Demonstration

If you would like to read more about the toll issue or to see photos of the demonstration, you can do so at Jeff Ooi’s. Excuse me for now as I have to go and reload my Touch ‘n’ Go card.

11 responses to “Anti-Toll Demonstration

  1. Hi, I remember you from your days in publishing (I think). I was in PR (still am) and we’ve spoken once or twice.

    Keep doing what you do, mate – our country needs it. Thanks for the report on the toll protest.


  2. Dear Jeff,

    I would like to suggest that we should go to international media.. because our media is wholly controlled by our government.. and this is suck!… can’t hardly wait for the next selection!!


  3. Another protest video for you guys, not as professionally filmed & edited like fat bidin lah(nokia 6680+stupid microsoft windows movie maker only)


  4. Lance & Steve: My video was just my perspective. Scour YouTube for more. Check out Steve’s video! But he only used a stupid nokia phone and stupid movie maker to do it! I used an RM13k camera to shoot and RM5k computer to edit! Cannot challenge me lah! Muahahaha! I kid! I kid!

    Keropok: We’ve spoken before? Awak apa nama? Are you a hot chick? *wink* 🙂

    Shaq: Jeff is already international man!


  5. wow! how I could I missed this demonstration! well I guess since the last time I was almost got hit in the head by the FRU and lost my glasses at the same time in ’99, heheh.

    Haha, finally I’ve found you again, Zan, and doing pretty well I hope so!

    Take care man, keep in touch! ehem, my birthday is around the corner bro!


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