More characters for the film

Ok… so I (attempted to) flirt! What do you expect? I was on a road trip by myself… and these are young girls who think its cool for a guy to have a big-ass video camera! But as you can see, they seem more excited holding on to a 20-foot python!

3 responses to “More characters for the film

  1. I would like to condemn the act of catching and releasing of the poor python, as a practise?!! This is so inhumane! I strongly advise you to NOT put this in your documentary.

    Shame on the girls for having fun!


  2. Pythons that the department catches are always re-released into the wild far away from homes and people so that the snakes will not pose a danger to people and people will not pose a danger to the snakes.

    While waiting for the wildlife department to relocate the snakes, the department uses the opportunity to equip themselves so they can do this better.

    These people love the animals and only want them to be safe.


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