Ada idea atau projek tetapi tidak ada dana? Senang aje…

The youth today are always obsessed with being their own boss and making things happen for themselves. Right??

Well, I’m like that. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So most of the things I’ve always wanted to do, I always try to make it happen myself.

I wanted to make documentaries, so I just did it. I wanted to write books, so I just did it. And so on and so forth.

Sometimes it’s difficult and sometimes it’s easy. It all depends on your perspective. And one of the toughest is actually getting the funds to start out.

With my documentaries, I started out by saving my own hard earned money and did it. Thankfully, I managed to hawk my work around and managed to get buyers.

Same with my books. I would write as much as I could on my own time and thankfully, I managed to find interested publishers who would put them out.

They are many other ways for you to fund any ideas or projects you have. And the video above, produced by and the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP), could push you in the right direction.

Oh… and I heard that the scriptwriter of the video kind of knows what he’s talking about (and he’s apparently pretty good looking too!). Ahem!!! It’s me if you’re wondering! Hahaha!!


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