Weezer and Indons rock! Zainuddin Maidin does not!


The true measure of a society
By Zan Azlee

JAN 11 ― They say that if you want to know the maturity and development of a society, you look at how it treats its least privileged. But I think there’s a better analogy than that. I say, if you want to know the maturity of a society, look at how its concert organisers treat ticket buyers.

I recently went to Jakarta, the macet-prone capital of Indonesia, to watch one of my favourite rock bands of all time, Weezer, in concert.The last time I saw them perform was 11 years ago in Birmingham, England. And I have to say, this time around, it may just be the best concert I have ever been to.

But let’s put that story aside; it isn’t what I really want to talk about here. What I do want to talk about is the experience I had at the hands of the Indonesian concert organisers. It isn’t a secret that many Malaysians tend to look at Indonesians as a second class or lesser Malay society compared to themselves.

Don’t believe me? Just go back a few weeks and flick through Utusan Malaysia and read an article written by a certain former information minister, and see. However, I would beg to differ. My recent trip to the Nusantara has made me realise that my Malay blood isn’t any superior just because I have a blue Malaysian identity card. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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