S… U… M… sum! P… A… H… pah! SUMPAH!

I reminisce my childhood days in my column at The Malaysian Insider today. Seems apt for this day and age too.

S… U… M… sum! P… A… H… pah! SUMPAH!
By Zan Azlee

APRIL 29 — When I was about five years old, I loved going to the playground behind our house. The neighbourhood kids would gather there every evening and play all kinds of games, from football, ice cream sticks to ram ram rep patung (remember this one?)!

My favourite game back then was ice cream sticks. Two people would go head to head and blow their ice cream sticks so it would overlap the other to win.If you won, you would get to take the other person’s ice cream stick to add to your collection. The more you had, the higher your social status.

The pressure was so intense that my friends and I would even resort to stealing each other’s sticks. And of course we would deny it when confronted.

“Kau ambik batang ais krim aku!”

“Mana ada!”

“Ye! Kau tipu!”

“Aku tak tipu lah! Sumpah!”

“Tipu! Kau tak cakap sumpah betul-betul!”

“Aku tak ambik! S… U… M… sum! P… A… H… pah! SUMPAH!”

[Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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