As usual, mainstream interest in podcasts is going to kill its punk-rock appeal


Big broadcasters in the USA have been acquiring stakes in podcasting organisations. For example, CBS recently acquired 30% of podcast network, which hosts shows by Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal and Snooki.

This is all well and good seeing that podcasting is growing in the media world (but not so in Malaysia!). However, I wonder if the growth in interest for podcasting will actually rob it off it’s appeal – rawness and DIY-spirit.

As it is, many of the podcasts I listen to are beginning to be produced so slickly and polished that I might as well be listening to a mainstream radio station. Not so punk-rock anymore!

The podcasts that I do with my brother Aizyl Azlee are done so casually and candidly that people think we’re just playing a fool! In fact, we really are! We just want to have fun doing something that we believe in.

But hey, I guess there is a place on the huge InterWebs for anything and anyone!

Read this posting ‘Big broadcasters loosen purse strings for podcasting‘ on to find out more. about why big networks are clamouring for a piece of the podcast pie.

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