Television news sucks and my advice is necessary!


Television news sucks!
By Zan Azlee

JAN 4 — Yes, it sucks big time and those involved in it have put themselves too high on a pedestal to realise this. Newspapers globally are already in a crisis (except for The Star, whose circulation is mysteriously increasing!). Television news seems to have the potential of heading the same way too and is slowly losing viewers, if it does not heed my all-important advice.

I wonder if anyone agrees with me that watching news on television has really been uninspiring these last few years? I don’t think I have to wonder. To be honest, I’ve actually stopped watching television news altogether. I get my news fix almost solely from online sources now and I know so many people who do the same.

I feel very strongly that television news should just stop trying to compete in breaking news. Just outright cease and desist. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

One response to “Television news sucks and my advice is necessary!

  1. Television is one of the best inventions of science but this technology also has some drawbacks. First disadvantage of Television is that it results in the wastage of time. If an individual spends the same time in some valuable work instead of watching Television, then he can get more valuable outcome. Secondly, it can badly affect the eye-sight. Thirdly, television can also create extremism among the people because there are a number of news channels which give magnified news of killing and harassment to the people. Moreover, television can also promote crime which is another disadvantage of television.


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