Corruption in the media… it’s just duit kopi!

It’s just duit kopi!

Corruption in the media
By Zan Azlee

DEC 2 — Corruption was the topic of discussion on the evening programme of my favourite local radio station, BFM, yesterday while I was stuck in traffic. They were talking about corruption relating to the country’s governance and law enforcement. I had my opinions on that but that’s not really what I want to write about here.

The discussion on the programme really got me thinking about corruption in my profession, which is journalism and the media. I’m sure most of you readers would have heard about the recent controversy involving the BBC and the Malaysian government.

The BBC was found to have breached its editorial guidelines by broadcasting paid-for programming that was promoting the Malaysian government. This act would be considered by many, me included, as unethical and corrupt. It involves money and it is misleading. Am I right? [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

One response to “Corruption in the media… it’s just duit kopi!

  1. Yes its very clear and legally, the armed frcoes of malaysia is above politics.It is non-partisan and will have to su[pport and protect the legally elected government of the day-No matter what colour the party flags of the government is.Thats right, we all took the oath of loyalty to protect the YDPA and the legally elected government of the day-yes even if the opposition of today gets elected in the next election, the armed frcoes has already pledged to protect that government.Moreover, POPO must be declared for the army to be called up and not as the PAT wishes he can mobilise the army for such matters.I would suggest that the PAT learn public relations and also get his law brushed up as he needs to know more about such matters. It is inconceivable that the armed frcoes be political now .As it was, the armed frcoes has been briefed down to the lowest level that it is a apolitical organisation.When the army is called up it is a case of the standard box formation, a magistrate and a police officer will be within the box.No water cannon here. The box will be equipped with tear gas canisters and the standard launcher.The front row of the box is armed with high velocity rifles and one mat sabun will be armed with a shot gun. The orders can be to march and establish a line for which there must be no crossing or to do a charge to do snatches.The last resort would be the order to fire and kill the leaders. but then high velocity bullets dont kill one person only . A 5.56 bullet can pass through 4 bodies while a 7.62 can pass through 10.Imagine the collateral damages?So PAT, please stay out.Its not your fight and due to the pledge you had taken when you joined up, you must remain apolitical, protect the YDPA and the legally elected government no matter they are pembangkang or Umno ledKeep your pledge!


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