So you want to be a documentary filmmaker and journalist (Part 2)

And the ultimate syok sendiri session comes to an end with part 2 of my article this week!

So you want to be a documentary filmmaker and journalist (Part 2)
By Zan Azlee

NOV 26 — Being a university lecturer for the past six years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with a lot of young people who want to do what I do for a living. The thing about being with them is that it always gives me a positive feeling about myself. Selfish, I know!

But seeing their enthusiasm for life and their fire to pursue their ambition just reinforces the reason why I do what I do. So this two-part article will be my way of giving back to them. Hopefully, it will inspire them (or at least make them question if this is really what they want to do!).


With the money I made from that sale, I decided to make another feature-length documentary. This time, I decided to go a bit further. I titled the film “I’m Muslim Too!” and went to four countries in the Middle East (Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan) to see how young people lived their lives in their respective countries. The film was also shot solo-journalism style.

I went to Iran and interviewed a heavy metal band called Arsames. Then I headed to Syria to search for the Hezbollah video game Special Force, and to Jordan to visit the annual Jerash Arts Festival. I also went to Beirut in Lebanon to experience a little bit of war and to see how Palestinian refugee kids spend their days.

Being from Malaysia, I had never experienced war and in my mind, I might have romanticised it a bit. When I got in to Lebanon, there were military checkpoints lining every street. Tanks and soldiers were everywhere. Turn on the television and you would see “live” coverage of bombings, shootings and fighting just 20 kilometres from the city. It was terrible and it scared me.

“Hey! Answer my question! Who are you!”

And I was jolted back to reality… [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

*Part 1 can be read here

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