Speaking Malay is unIslamic

Speaking Malay is unIslamic
By Zan Azlee

FEB 24 — I would like to call upon all the ulamas, imams. muftis and other Muslim scholars to please come together and issue a fatwa against the use of the Malay language. After a brief Wikipedia search, I have come to the intellectual and theological conclusion that the Malay language is unIslamic.

This is of utmost importance because today there are 180 million Malay speakers and it is even the national language of several (Islamic, nonetheless!) countries. It is our responsibility as Muslims to rescue these people and do everything in our power to help steer them to salvation. [Click here to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

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What’s in a (unIslamic!) name?

A name is a name is a name! My column this week at The Malaysian Insider

What’s in a (unIslamic!) name?
By Zan Azlee

SEPT 2 — “My name is Christina,” said the budding actress.

“I suggest you change your name,” said the well-known veteran actor.

“Why should I change my name and what should I change it to?”

“Change it to something more Islamic. Christina sounds like ‘Christian.’”

Of course I was horrified to hear the veteran actor suggest such a thing to the budding actress, who is actually a Muslim. The budding actress, ever-so-young and impressionable, naively agreed to do what the veteran actor suggested.

This is an honest-to-god true story that I am relaying since I was a witness to the conversation. I have, however, decided to keep the veteran actor anonymous. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]


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