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Malaysian producers must stop making gender discriminating films



Malaysian producers must stop making gender discriminating films
By Zan Azlee

I don’t allow my daughter to watch a majority of Malay dramas and movies because   I think they are a bad influence for her as a girl and as a human being in general.

She is at a very impressionable age right now and I don’t want her thinking and perspective on life to be tainted by what she would see on the screen or television.

This is something that I think and discuss about with my family and friends and overall, they all agree that this is the right decision to take.

Let me explain using this simple but true example.

“Abah, why is everyone always shouting and fighting on TV,” asked the daughter of a very close family friend.

“Let’s turn off the television, okay?” responded her father.

I don’t like the fact that so many Malay dramas  like to portray internal family fighting, divorce, rape, degradation of women and the worshipping of material wealth .

Recently, the movie Suami Aku Ustaz receive a loud bashing in the media for apparently being very degrading to women and even seems to condone paedophilia.

I spoke to sex educator, June Low, who had publicly criticised the movie on her Facebook page. Her posting was picked up widely by the media.

She explains that the movie tells the story of a young girl in secondary school who is forced to marry her cousin, an ustaz, because her parents will be going to Mekah for sometime.

“She is 17 years old and loudly expresses her unwillingness to marry. But she has to anyway and I have a problem with that,” said June.

“It shows child marriage in a positive and favourable light when in actuality it is illegal.”

And I have to agree with her because I feel that Malaysia just has too many cases where adults commit rape against underage children and get away with it.

What is despicable is the that they get away with it because the authorities, and even the children’s guardians, seem to think that the best solution is to get them married.

And religion is always used as an excuse because, apparently, once they a married, they would no longer be committing a sin by having sex out of wedlock.

To hell with the fact that the underage child forced to get married will  forever be mentally tortured and have her whole life stunted, a decision not of her making.

Veteran entertainment journalist and Astro AWANI  digital editor, Muzaffar Mustapa, explained that this is a recurring problem in the Malaysian mainstream industry.

“The quality of a film no longer plays a role. The box office takings will dictate the success of a film. And that formula will just continued to be recycled,” he said.

And this is what I’m worried about because Malaysia will never come out of this archaic thinking that is actually decaying the progress of our society.

“You know what would be a good idea for a movie? If it told the story of a strong and independent woman trying to make her way in a society that wants her to become the total opposite,” said June.

Now that would be a movie I would gladly allow my daughter to watch.

[This article was originally published at English.AstroAwani.Com]

And by the way, my brother and I also did a podcast about this with June Low. Check it out yo!


The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 9) – Suami Aku Ustaz

The Fat Bidin Film Club (Ep 9) – Suami Aku Ustaz

It’s amazing how the Malaysian mainstream film industry constantly portrays women in films. We speak with sex and gender expert, June Low, who recently went public with her opinion that the film ‘Suami Aku Ustaz’ degrades women and is peppered with hints of paedophilia.


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The Fat Bidin Film Club Pic

Let’s save the camel!

zan and a camel


Let’s save the camel!
By Zan Azlee

The camel just so happens to be my favourite animal. Why is it my favourite? It’s because of all it’s contributions to mankind.

The camel is considered the ship of the desert because it can travel long distances without water in harsh, hot and dry environments.

It can carry enormous amounts of weight, up to 450 kilogrammes, almost double it’s average weight and moves at a steady pace of around 5 kilometres an hour.

The hump or humps a camel has is fatty tissue that allows it to go for long periods without food. All it does is burn the fat from the hump for energy.

Although it is a domesticated animal and has worked for man for centuries, it still is a stubborn and independent creature that has a mind of it’s own.

The camel has large teeth that it uses as a weapon by biting people or other animals it doesn’t like. It has such an attitude that it is even known to spit at people.

The camel is a beautiful creature too, slender and tall, thick and furry, with large round eyes protected by long eyelashes and small ears nicely at the back the head.

And so I am writing this week’s column with much concern. You see, I am a lover of wildlife and a big advocate for the preservation and protection of the world’s creatures.

Newsflash, we human beings aren’t the only ones who are living on this planet. But somehow, we just seem to think that we own it and we do a lot of irresponsible things.

And because of that, we feel guilty enough that we start all kinds of campaigns that call for the support of preserving wildlife, like save the whales, save the tigers, save the rhinos, etc.

So now to my original concern for writing this week, and that is to help create a campaign as well, but for a specific animal of my choice.

A campaign to save an animal that is fast becoming vulnerable and if nothing is done, it could end up endangered or even worse, extinct.

I am hereby taking this opportunity to initiate a worldwide campaign to call for a stop to the despicable act of having sex on the back of camels.

The camel can take a lot of abuse because it is tough. Unfortunately, all it’s toughness is no match for one kind of abuse – people having sex on its back.

A camel has pride and when people start having sex on it’s back, it is degrading and humiliating for the camel that it can cause irreversible psychological scars.

So I implore the readers out there to take up this cause. Come and join me on this mission of saying ‘Stop having sex on the back of camels!’.

[This article originally appeared at English.AstroAwani.Com]

Horny politicians are better than corrupt ones!

Sex and public office
By Zan Azlee

JULY 6 — Sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll… but many would also say that sex and politics go well together too, as far as scandals go. Recently, the country has been hot with rumours and accusations made by one politician against another… about the latter’s sexual improprieties. Of course, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence.

But this begs the question, for me at least, of how significant a sin is sex when it comes to politics and public office? Let’s think about it. When sportsmen and sportswomen do it, the public seems to be okay with it. When actors do it, it seems to be okay too. And we couldn’t be bothered if our neighbours did it (unless if it’s with our spouse!).

Basically, adultery and sex seems to be something that many people see as personal and has nothing to do with a person’s professional career or life. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

The Obedient Wives Club… getting their 15 minutes of fame on Dutch TV!

Being a correspondent for The Netherlands’ VPRO Metropolis TV means I get to cover loads of interesting stories. Recently, I got to spend some time with the members of the infamous Obedient Wives Club based in Kuala Lumpur, with thousands of members all over the world! Maybe I should get my wife to join them! Muahaha!

(Click on the image above to view my video report or just click HERE.)