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I was invited again to be on Kam Raslan’s radio show ‘A Bit of Culture’. Fun stuff!!

bfm a  bit of culture podcast

It seems like I’m always appearing on BFM 89.9 Radio as a guest… they might just have me on their payroll! Muahaha!! It is a pleasure as always.

Anyway, Kam Raslan called me back (and I happily agreed) to be on his show ‘A Bit of Culture‘ along with Lee Chwi Lynn. And this time, we talk about story archetypes, listicles and skeptical friendships.

Fun stuff!

Go listen to the podcast online!

BFM 89.9 Radio interviewed me and Indrani Kopal about documentary filmmaking

bfm documentary podcast

BFM 89.9 Radio produced a story on the subject of documentaries in Malaysia. This is in the wake of Malaysian filmmaker Indrani Kopal’s win for Best Student Documentary in Cannes.

They interviewed Indrani and me (even though I didn’t win an award!) to get an insight of documentary filmmaking. I sound so articulate, if I do say so myself! Muahaha!!

So go listen to the podcast lah! Go listen now!

BFM Radio’s That Time of Night!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.25.01 AM

It was fun being on the That Time of Night show on BFM last night. I wished I had done better than 10 points on their Smartypants quiz though! Placed 5th place overall among all their guests so far. If you missed the show on air, listen to the podcast by clicking the image above or HERE.

Digital radio and podcasts: Is FM radio dead?

(Pic from Gizmodo.com)

It seems that aside from television going all digital and being overtaken by online platforms, radio has also been slowly going down that highway. The popularity of podcasts has been rising, especially in the United States, and we know that what happens there will usually catch on in Malaysia as well (albeit a little late!).

Recently, an article on Gizmodo highlighted that a faraway fairy land called Norway will be the first country to turn off FM radio in 2017. Their Ministry of Culture announced this as they are fast preparing to transition towards digital radio.

In Southeast Asia, countries like Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and, of course, Malaysia have already been testing digital radio (Digital Audio Broadcasting – DAB). But there are no clear indications as to when FM would be totally turned off.

In the meantime, podcasts are MY favourite audio platform and I’ve been a big fan of a few which I think all of you need to listen to. I repeat… NEED TO LISTEN TO! They’re all non-fiction storytelling-centric…. my cup of tea!

1. This American Life – This American radio show has been around for years but is now available for the whole world to listen to now.

2. Radiolab – Freaking awesome audio design complementing great storytelling!

3. The Moth – Simple straight-up people just orally telling stories that have happened in their lives.

4. Risk! – It’s kind of like The Moth… but on really dangerous narcotics!!

5. Freakonomics – Not at all boring like their books!

6. WTF with Marc Maron – Failed comedian who started a podcast which is now one of the leading interview-based podcasts in America.

Oh… and I don’t download these podcasts. I use the Stitcher app on my smart phone.

And if you want to listen to the podcasts that my brother, Aizyl Azlee and I do, go lah (we host two… one on media and socio-politics called THE FAT BIDIN PODCAST and another on films called THE FAT BIDIN FILM CLUB)!!

I guest-hosted an episode of ‘A Bit of Culture’ on BFM

BFM A bit of culture

So… Kam Raslan of the BFM rado show ‘A Bit of Culture‘ contacted me and asked if I would like to guest-host an episode of the show along with him and She Fah Szetu. Might as well, right? You can click the image above to listen to the episode or… just click here.

Here’s the BFM summary of the episode:

“Rising Ethnic Tensions” is a phrase commonly used to describe sticky situations in places like Rwanda or Crimea, but also, if we believe the media hype, in Malaysia. Is this for real or are we OK?  Journalist and Bedroom-podcaster Zan Azlee joins the fray to discuss Apathy, Media and Work vs Freelance.

And if you want to listen to The Fat Bidin Podcast hosted by me and my brother Aizyl Azlee, go here.