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Listen to ‘Is TV News Dying?’, a radio documentary by BFM 89.9

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Click on the image above to listen to the podcast.

I was featured on a radio documentary by BFM 89.9 entitled ‘Is TV News Dying?‘ last weekend. And it’s now available online as a podcast. So go listen to my sexy voice! For those who know me well… you would know what I think of the issue!


Gimlet is the most recent podcasting network to be born online… and they want to be like HBO?


Since the last time I wrote about a new online podcast network (If Malaysian podcasters got together, could they form a successful collective like PRX’s Radiotopia?), a new one is here called Gimlet.

Founded by Alex Blumberg of Planet Money (and also a producer at This American Life), it already has a few original shows on offering. Start Up is a show that chronicles start ups going through their journey, Reply All is a show about things on the Internet and Mystery Show is a quirky show about solving everyday mysteries.

And Blumberg feels that going full capitalism is the way to go (just like Ira Glass), which means that he think that advertising money is being floated around more than every right now.

I will say it again… I really hope that podcasting will catch on fire here in Malaysia. I pray to Almighty Allah!

Read a full interview with Blumberg about Gimlet and podcasting at NiemanLab.Org.

And please spend some time listening to some of Fat Bidin’s original podcasts!


Ira Glass now fully owns This American Life


The radio show This American Life is now owned wholly by Ira Glass! Whoahh!! He has acquired all stakes for the show (and the most popular podcast in the world, Serial) from WBEZ.

As reported on the This American Life blog, Glass wants to have total creative control of the shows and also the freedom to start new projects without getting the go ahead by WBEZ.

WBEZ’s head, Goli Sheikholeslami, is in full support of this move and the radio station will continue to benefit from the profits of the show. He also says that after 20 years, this is a good and positive move.

As far as the listeners are concerned, nothing will change since the This American Life will still be announced on air as ‘brought to you by WBEZ’.

You can read the full blog post ‘Changes at This American Life‘ at ThisAmericanLife.Org.

I was invited again to be on Kam Raslan’s radio show ‘A Bit of Culture’. Fun stuff!!

bfm a  bit of culture podcast

It seems like I’m always appearing on BFM 89.9 Radio as a guest… they might just have me on their payroll! Muahaha!! It is a pleasure as always.

Anyway, Kam Raslan called me back (and I happily agreed) to be on his show ‘A Bit of Culture‘ along with Lee Chwi Lynn. And this time, we talk about story archetypes, listicles and skeptical friendships.

Fun stuff!

Go listen to the podcast online!

BFM 89.9 Radio interviewed me and Indrani Kopal about documentary filmmaking

bfm documentary podcast

BFM 89.9 Radio produced a story on the subject of documentaries in Malaysia. This is in the wake of Malaysian filmmaker Indrani Kopal’s win for Best Student Documentary in Cannes.

They interviewed Indrani and me (even though I didn’t win an award!) to get an insight of documentary filmmaking. I sound so articulate, if I do say so myself! Muahaha!!

So go listen to the podcast lah! Go listen now!