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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Eps 37) – #KitaLawan cannot lawan Foo Fighters

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Eps 37) – #KitaLawan cannot lawan Foo Fighters

Aizyl tries talking #KitaLawan but Zan’s more interested in talking about the Foo Fighters concert he just came back from. But why shouldn’t he? More people gathered to listen to Dave Grohl than Nik Nazmi this weekend.

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Athena dressed up in a spaghetti strap dress to help her pops sell his book at Readings @Seksan!

My sexy self serenading the pork!

I was recently invited to participate in Readings @Seksan by Sharon Bakar and of course, it was to read from my book ‘Operation Nasi Kerabu – Finding Patani in an Islamic Insurgency‘. The line-up was fantastic! It was Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (Coming of Age), Rumaizah Abu Bakar (The Female Cell), Adib Zaini (Zombijaya), Julian CH Lee (Policing Sexuality) and, obviously, to cap everything off and to add to the prestige… ME! There was also music by Reza Salleh.

I even managed to sell quite a number of copies of my book. A bit of advice… the best marketing strategy is to carry your baby daughter around and announce that all proceeds of the sales of the book will go to buying milk and diapers for the week. Fail-proof plan!!

For those of you who did not attend the reading (I shall unfriend you on Facebook!)… fret not! You can listen to a recording of my reading by clicking on the audio player above. And if you want a copy of the book (with a free DVD!)… you can still buy it at any major bookstore or order directly at the FAT BIDIN e-STORE for a signed copy!

Sharon Bakar, organiser of Readings @Seksan
Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (Coming of Age)
Adib Zaini (Zombijaya)
Julian CH Lee (Policing Sexuality) is the one on the far right. I was busy snapping pictures of him with his camera during his reading so I don't have any pictures of him in front of the crowd in my camera!
Rumaizah Abu Bakar (The Female Cell)
Athena all dressed up in a spaghetti strap ready to seduce the crowd into buying her pop's book!
Athena being lullabied by Reza Salleh.