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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 20) – Uh oh! Are we being seditious in this episode?

This week, the Azlee brothers talk about sedition and they actually interviewed some people too… Zan spoke to a couple of journalists while Aizyl spoke to some idiots!

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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 19) – Monkey business!

When and where was your first encounter with monkeys? At Batu Caves? Penang Botanical Gardens? Zoo Negara? In Malaysia, you can find them everywhere! But don’t post it on Facebook!

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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 18) – The Islamic State and their sexy social media icons!

The Islamic State seem to be doing a much better job on the Internet than Al-Qaeda or the Taliban ever did in their day. But they all will never be able to beat the Internet-savviness of that Nigerian prince!

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The Fat Bidin Vox Pop (Ep 7) – How Do I Raise an Independent Daughter?

Gender equality was the theme at Art For Grabs, so we went around asking… “How DO you raise an independent daughter?”

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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 15) – GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!

Feminism, female portrayal in the media, princess syndrome and GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!! Oh yeah!!

*Watch The Fat Bidin Vox Pop video tomorrow where Zan and Aizyl take to the mean streets of Malaysia to find out the people’s view on the topic!


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