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We now know where Buzzfeed sources its content!


Buzzfeed is all the buzz because of the gazillion stories that they push out out social media that go viral. Even more established news sites have been trying out the click bait stories. And new websites that are trying the emulate the Buzzfeed content have been sprouting like mushrooms.

I have always wondered where, or more specifically how, Buzzfeed sourced all of the ‘news’ items that they highlight. And the answer is now revealed!

The website Priceonomics.com conducted some research and found out that Tumblr is the main source for Buzzfeed’s news content, followed by Instagram, Getty and YouTube. So I guess that’s what the whole Buzzfeed team does on a daily basis… scour Tumblr!

Head on to Priceonomics.com to read about the data in more detail.

Cutting the cord: Who needs TV anymore?


In the past five years, millions of people have cancelled their television cable or satellite connection. Where are they getting their news and entertainment now? The Internet, of course! These people are ‘cutting the cord’ because they feel that TV no longer serves any purpose for them.

I haven’t cut the cord yet but I see it eventually happening since I don’t even watch TV anymore. All I do is watch the Internet since I’ve connected my Mac Mini to my TV set. (Wait… that means I still watch the TV… right?)

And there is increasing number of youth who are now known as ‘cord-nevers’. They have never even really watched TV because they have been raised solely on the Internet.

And I see the point. Why would anyone want to pay expensive monthly subscription fees for TV channels that don’t satisfy their needs? A cheaper alternative for all this is high speed broadband.

And it’s not like they will be missing anything from TV because the same information is presented to them online, and with and even more appealing presentation and form!

There are also online exclusive content services now available like IFlix and the likes which are so much cheaper. IFlix has a starting subscription fee of RM8 a month!

So unless TV still wants to be in the game, they need to look back at their content presentation and start repurposing.

Read more about cutting the cord at Mediashift.Org.

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Instagram journalism!


Instagram journalism sure sounds interesting! Two veteran photojournalists are already trying it out… Neil Shea and Jeff Sharlet. Although Instagram is more known for selfies and pictures of ‘hot dog legs‘, these two are doing something much more significant with the platform.

Neil shoots in conflict areas for National Geographic while Jeff writes and shoots for Mic.com and his current project is documenting individual profiles from across the United States.

Instagram is primarily a visual platform but these two are experimenting with the written word on it as well. And in my opinion, there is still more that can be done. We just need to keep on trying things out on Instagram.

Both Neil and Jeff are now working with The Virginia Quarterly Review to commission writers to produce Instagram stories for the journal. It starts in July 2015. So keep an eye out for it.

Personally, I don’t use Instagram actively for journalism. I just use it to show off to people how cool my life is! But every once in a while, I will post a photo from my journalism work and it always gets good response.

According to an article on Contentlty.net, Instagram has already surpassed 300 million users. Compare that number with the most populous countries in the world and the social media platform will come in at number four!

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 53) – TV news… when was the last time you watched it?

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 53) – TV news… when was the last time you watched it?

Where does television news sit in the current media landscape? Zan and Aizyl can’t remember the last time they actually sat down at 8pm to catch “breaking” news. So should it be done away with or is there some way it could evolve to remain relevant?

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So TV isn’t dead! But it depends on how you want to measure the numbers lah…


So I’ve always said that the Internet will lead the way when it comes to media and the news and TV will be left behind. What I actually mean is that TV will now have to be repurpose to stay relevant. And I still strongly believe this no matter how strong others don’t (some old TV folks still hold on to how TV is still the main media… pity them).

A blog post on the Wall Street Journal recently wrote that ‘If you think TV is dead, maybe you’re measuring wrong‘. It goes on to explain that the right way to see if people are still watching TV is to measure it is not look at the number of viewers in the average minute of any particular programme because this is not how online videos are measured. As long as someone clicks on a video online, it is already counted.

What the suggestion is to measure the average time any individual spends on the different platforms – TV, smartphones, etc. And that would give a more representative perspective of who is viewing what. And, if you look at the graph above, TV is doing alright.

I don’t know if I agree.

But the WSJ post goes on to explain that it is still extremely difficult to measure these metrics cross-platform. It is like comparing jambu batu and pisang emas! And honestly, I still don’t see any TV station anywhere who has been innovating their content to keep up with the times.