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*oday’s ar*icle is brough* *o you by *he le**er ‘*’



*oday’s article is brough* *o you by *he le**er ‘*’
By Zan Azlee

*he Malay Muslims in Malaysia are a very special group of people. Among *heir most significan* charac*eris*ics are *ha* *hey are very sensi*ive, emo*ional and easily offended.

Hence, *hey need special pro*ec*ion from *hose who can pro*ec* *hem. Wha* *his means is *ha* *hey usually have a guardian, or guardians, cons*an*ly looking ou* for *hem.

When *hey are young children, *heir paren*s would shel*er *hem from harm and evil *hough*s by condi*ioning and con*rolling *heir minds cons*an*ly.

*hey are *augh* religion from a very young age and *he reason for *his is so *ha* *hey will have a strong founda*ion in *heir fai*h and won’* be easily corrup*ed when *hey are older.

Unfor*una*ely, a lo* of *he religious *eachings *hey receive are merely ri*uals *hat *hey are told *o perform ins*ead of actually being *augh* *o unders*and *he fai*h be**er.

So, when *hey grow older and *urn in *o adul*s, they can’* be weaned off the pro*ec*ion *hey have been given. *hey lack *he abili*y *o *hink for *hemselves.

*he very *hing *ha* *heir religious *eachings was suppose *o provide *hem with became *he very *hing *hat *hey lacked, which is, a s*rong founda*ion in *heir fai*h.

And *ha* is why *hese Malay Muslims will forever require pro*ec*ion and *aking care of. *he sligh*es* change in *he environment *ha* *hey are used *o will shake *heir fai*h.

If ano*her group of people who prac*ice a differen* religion *han *hem s*ar*s *o use *he same language as *hey do *o conduc* *heir prayers, *hey will ge* confused.

So, *he easies* solu*ion in order *o overcome *his problem is *o jus* ban all non-Malays from using *heir language for *heir prayers. Problem solved.

When *hey see *hings *ha* are coun*er-cul*ure wi*h wha* *hey are used *o, *hey ge* easily influenced and *he risk of *hem emula*ing wha* *hey have seen is very highly likely.

And ye* again, the mos* convenien* solu*ion is *o ban every*hing *ha* is differen* from *he Malay Muslims’ own cul*ure so *hey won’* be *hrea*ened. Problem solved.

And so i* is when i* comes to having big crosses being displayed in clear view of *he Malays, *hey would obviously be very *hrea*ened by i*.

From *heir lack of a s*rong religious founda*ion, jus* *he mere sigh* of a cross, or any*hing similar *o a cross (like *he le**er ‘*’, for example), would s*rip *hem off *heir fai*h.

So wha* would be *he mos* obvious solu*ion *o *he problem? Wipe ou* all public displays of *he cross and every*hing *ha* resembles i*. Problem solved.

[This article was originally published on English.AstroAwani.Com]

Does the tudung (head scarf) really have a role?


Way back in 2005, Liew Seng Tat (yes… the one of the ‘Lelaki Harapan Dunia‘ fame!) and I worked together on a documentary shot in Terengganu. It is called ‘Tudung’ and is about girls in tudungs (heard scarfs). Damnn… it got so much views on YouTube! Almost as much as that Gangnam video! Hahaha!!

It screened in a few film festivals back in the day too:

– 2006 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
– 2006 Hawaii International Film Festival
– 2007 Singapore Indie Documentary Film Festival

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Malaysia needs 100 years to form Bangsa Malaysia – Ibrahim Ali

Ibrahim Ali - BS & INsert


Malaysia needs 100 years to form Bangsa Malaysia – Ibrahim Ali
By Zan Azlee

The man walks into the office and you would expect a large, heavy stock individual towering over you, his reputation for making bombastic statements preceding him. Instead, he is small-sized (around five feet tall) and with a wide smile. He warmly invites me into his office.

As I walk along the hallway behind him, I notice that both sides of the walls are filled with blown-up copies of newspaper and magazine clippings of him and his Malay rights non-governmental organisation. And so it is in his office as well.

I sit down face to face with Malaysia’s number one racist, or it’s number one hero, depending on whose perspective you look at things from. This is my interview with Datuk Ibrahim Ali, the extremely outspoken president of PERKASA.

The reason for the interview is because Malaysia is now five years away from Vision 2020, a target set by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed for the country to achieve developed status. And the first challenge is to build a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAWANI.Com]

The problem with hudud is PAS



The problem with hudud is PAS
By Zan Azlee

One wonders why hudud is being so hotly discussed in the public sphere. Many are against it, and they make all kinds of arguments to prove their points for why they think so.

Many are also for it, saying that it is God’s law, so much so that they would even threaten to kill and rape people to defend hudud (I wonder what God thinks about that!).

And then we have the president of it all, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, who has told everyone to just wait first and listen to what he will table on hudud in Parliament before criticising.

That is the problem in the first place. Nobody seems to have any idea of how hudud is going to be implemented in Kelantan because nobody has bothered to explain it properly.

When there aren’t any clear details or information, what do you expect people to do? They get anxious and start to speculate. That is only natural.

And with all the secrecy with regards to the details of hudud, people start wondering why something that will affect the public won’t be put up for public scrutiny.

So even the people who want to support it can’t do it wholeheartedly and their only argument is that it is God’s law (when in fact it is really PAS’s interpretation of it).

Hudud has been around in Kelantan (and even in Terengganu when PAS managed to take over the state briefly) since 1993, but its implementation has never been able to be done.

There are several problems with implementing it, mainly that it is unconstitutional because it involves criminal law and the penal code, over which the state does not have jurisdiction. [Click to read the full artile at The Malaysian Insider]

What’s JAWI’s excuse for acting like a spoiled brat?



What’s JAWI’s excuse for acting like a spoiled brat?
By Zan Azlee

The really big question that I have for the Federal Territory Islamic Religious Department (Jawi) is why they have been so adamant about pursuing Nik Raina Nik Abdul Aziz for the past three years.

Three years ago, Jawi raided a Borders store and seized copies of Canadian writer Irshad Manji’s book “Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta”. The book, translated into Malay, was banned but the ban was actually only made six days after the raid.

Unable to charge the owners of store because they only have jurisdiction over Muslims, they decided to charge the store manager, Nik Raina, who was the only Muslim available.

Of course, this was all so dodgy that in December last year, the Court of Appeal ruled that the search and seizure done by Jawi was unlawful. Thank God because Nik Raina could have been jailed for up to two years.

But last week, Jawi, probably feeling very sore from a bruised ego, decided to seek an appeal to the Federal Court against the Court of Appeal’s decision. And so Nik Raina is sucked back into a battle which isn’t even hers.

So why is Jawi pushing on with a case that every single person in Malaysia (and even the court) sees as an injustice? Do they believe that because they are a religious authority, they are divine?

Can’t they live with the fact that they made a big mistake and now they just have to apologise for what has happened and promise never to repeat it? The court isn’t even asking them to pay for damages.

Do they have to act like a big bully and pick on a small individual? Are they like a spoiled brat who feels like he is always right and things always have to go his way or else? [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]