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Journalism and the news need to be more honest, not objective


More engaging journalism – as stated in a posting on the Columbia Journalism Review by Joyce Barnathan, the president of the International Centre for Journalists.

What she means is that the way news is presented these days needs to be revised and new rules need to be made up. And I totally agree with what she says. (Err… I’ve been saying for many years now!)

If many people thought that news needs to be presented fast and quick these days to suit social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, then they are not exactly correct (although fast bites like these do have a purpose).

Sites like Vice and podcasts like Serial have shown that in-depth journalism stories do work and are popular. But it has to be presented in such an engaging way that people will be attracted to it.

And the way is to weave the journey into the story.

Most of Vice’s video stories have the reporter involved and participating, much like immersed or submersion journalism. In Serial, reporter Sarah Koenig documented how she pursued the story, a murder case where an allegedly innocent person went to prison.

The younger generation is also tired of this perception that the news is always impartial and objective, because that just isn’t the point. Everyone has an opinion and everyone will be biased in some way, even journalists. The key point is that the news should always be honest.

(A point that I have always stressed too! Read: I’m not an objective journalist!)

Welcome to the new age of journalism.

Gimlet is the most recent podcasting network to be born online… and they want to be like HBO?


Since the last time I wrote about a new online podcast network (If Malaysian podcasters got together, could they form a successful collective like PRX’s Radiotopia?), a new one is here called Gimlet.

Founded by Alex Blumberg of Planet Money (and also a producer at This American Life), it already has a few original shows on offering. Start Up is a show that chronicles start ups going through their journey, Reply All is a show about things on the Internet and Mystery Show is a quirky show about solving everyday mysteries.

And Blumberg feels that going full capitalism is the way to go (just like Ira Glass), which means that he think that advertising money is being floated around more than every right now.

I will say it again… I really hope that podcasting will catch on fire here in Malaysia. I pray to Almighty Allah!

Read a full interview with Blumberg about Gimlet and podcasting at NiemanLab.Org.

And please spend some time listening to some of Fat Bidin’s original podcasts!


It’s even a mistake to do TV-style news online… as the Wall Street Journal has learned

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 12.12.24 PM

Ha!! More to prove my point that the ways of traditional television is dying! DYING! The Wall Street Journal’s online live TV-style broadcasting has been killed! And now they just want to go on-demand. They have changed their ‘WSJ Live’ to ‘WSJ Video’.

Andy Regal, the executive editor of video at WSJ has this to say:

““People come to the Wall Street Journal when they have time, or need a break or when there’s a big event,” he said. “If we continue to try to drive people to appointment television, it’s just not a workable business model. That’s been proven by most who have tried it.”

It looks like the old ways of appointment and habit viewing can no longer be applied in this day and age. It was obvious from the get go but no huge organisation wanted to listen. They were too set in their ways and thinking that they are the best and almighty.

But it’s good that they’re all realising it now. Better late than never. So it goes that The Washington Post has also scrapped their live PostTV, and so has The Times. Now when will Malaysian TV news start realising the shift in ways?

Go read more about this at NiemanLab.org.

The BBC is thinking of moving their news channel online… TV news is DEAD!!


I told you TV news is dead! Even the BBC are thinking of moving their news channel online. And that channel is the most watched news channel in the UK gets around 8.6 million views. But overall, the number is dropping… fast!

Of course the BBC says that their intentions is to redefine online news….

“What do these figures say to us? They tell us that just as the BBC redefined the news for Britain – first on radio, then on television and more recently online – we must now consider very carefully the prospect that we may need to do so again,” said James Harding, BBC director of news, in a report by The Guardian.


But hey, reality says that their cost is running a tad bit high these days and they need to find ways to either make more revenue or cut spending. In the last BBC annual report, it was stated that the channel’s production costs were £26.8m, while its newsgathering costs were £21.2m.

TV news is dead, I tell you! DEAD!!

The Fat Bidin Podcast duo will be conducting a podcasting workshop for free!


So you guys want to create your own podcasts? Beautiful timing because my brother Aizyl Azlee and I will be holding a workshop on it this Sunday, 12th July 2015! It’s organised by Power Shift Malaysia. It’s free. You just need to register.

Here are the details:

12/07/2015 (Sunday)
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Brickfields Asia College – BAC-PJ


Summary: Sharing information doesn’t need to be fancy nor costly in its delivery and production. Podcasters and journalists Zan Azlee and Aizyl Azlee will share their experiences as journalists who seek out alternative methods of presenting stories in old and new media.

Zan Azlee
Zan Azlee is a multimedia journalist who has written three books, made numerous documentary films, and is currently Senior Editor for Digital Media at Astro AWANI. He writes several columns for AstroAWANI.com, The Malaysian Insider, Kopitiam Ekonomi and MakChic.com. He also hosts two weekly podcasts called The Fat Bidin Podcast and The Fat Bidin Film Club with his brother Aizyl Azlee where they pretend to be intellectuals discussing media related issues and cinema art. His work can be seen at FatBidin.com

Aizyl Azlee
Aizyl has been in the media line for the past five years, primarily writing. Currently he is a reporter for Malay Mail, and in the past he co-founded the design blog The New Forward as well as wrote for lifestyle magazines CLIVE and JUICE.

It will also be streamed live on the day via YouTube at the video link below:

And the Facebook event page is here.

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