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Instagram journalism!


Instagram journalism sure sounds interesting! Two veteran photojournalists are already trying it out… Neil Shea and Jeff Sharlet. Although Instagram is more known for selfies and pictures of ‘hot dog legs‘, these two are doing something much more significant with the platform.

Neil shoots in conflict areas for National Geographic while Jeff writes and shoots for Mic.com and his current project is documenting individual profiles from across the United States.

Instagram is primarily a visual platform but these two are experimenting with the written word on it as well. And in my opinion, there is still more that can be done. We just need to keep on trying things out on Instagram.

Both Neil and Jeff are now working with The Virginia Quarterly Review to commission writers to produce Instagram stories for the journal. It starts in July 2015. So keep an eye out for it.

Personally, I don’t use Instagram actively for journalism. I just use it to show off to people how cool my life is! But every once in a while, I will post a photo from my journalism work and it always gets good response.

According to an article on Contentlty.net, Instagram has already surpassed 300 million users. Compare that number with the most populous countries in the world and the social media platform will come in at number four!

Tahukah anda apa itu ‘urun’ ? Crowdfunding sebenarnya!



Tahukah anda apa itu ‘urun’ ? Crowdfunding sebenarnya!
By Zan Azlee

Soalan nombor satu, cabaran utama, yang menjadi penghalang terbesar untuk mereka yang mempunyai ide atau projek untuk dijalankan adalah – modal!

Ide pula senang aje. Janji ada cita-cita dan angan-angan, kita boleh berfikir apa sahaja. Tetapi untuk merealisasikannya menjadi cabaran besar.Biar saya memperkenalkan satu perkataan yang mungkin anda tidak pernah dengar. Sebenarnya, saya pun tidak pernah tahu tentang perkataan ini sehingga lah menulis artikel ini.

Urun dana! Ha? Urun itu apa? Sebenarnya ia lebih dikenali perkataan Inggeris yang lebih universal… iaitu ‘crowdfunding’! Pernah dengar kan perkataan itu?

Crowdfunding adalah cara dimana dana diperolehi dari ramai orang dan setiap orang itu menyumbang wang yang mungkin sedikit sahaja (tetapi ada yang sanggup menyumbang banyak).

Walaupun sumbangan setiap orang sedikit, apabila anda berjaya untuk meyakinkan ramai, besarlah jumlahnya. Kan orang kata, sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit!

Pelbagai ide dan projek seperti filem, cetakan buku, penghasilan produk untuk dijual, ciptaan teknologi, perniagaan makanan dan macam-macam lagi pernah berjaya kerana crowdfunding.

Di Internet terdapat banyak laman web yang membantu orang ramai untuk memulakan projek crowdfunding. Contohnya Kickstarter, Indiegogo, dan di Malaysia, Pitchin.my.

Anda perlu kenal pasti laman web mana yang paling sesuai dengan projek anda. Pitch ide anda dengan cara yang boleh menarik perhatian dan tunjukkan bahawa anda betul-betul semangat dan komited.

Selalunya, orang akan pitch menggunakan pembentangan video. Kalau anda mempunyai cerita atau latarbelakang yang menarik, lagi bagus!

Tapi crowdfunding tidaklah semudah yang disangkakan. Selepas anda tentukan jumlah modal yang diperlukan, anda juga perlu letakkan satu tarikh akhir untuk mencapai jumlah itu.

Kalau tiba tarikh itu dan jumlah yang dikutip tidak sampai jumlah yang diperlukan, anda tidak dapat satu sen pun. Anda juga perlu komited dan tidak boleh berhenti sekerat jalan selepas mendapat dana anda.

Ide anda perlu dibentangkan dengan elok dan menunjukkan bahawa anda jelas mempunyai visi untuk merealisasikannya. Kalau anda sendiri tidak boleh jelaskan ide anda, bagaimana hendak yakinkan orang.

Anda juga perlu pastikan perlaksanaan anda dijalankan dengan penuh profesionalisme. Dokumentasi perlu tepat, rekod kewangan mesti ada dan pengendalian pekerja perlu profesional.

Tetapi janganlah lihat semua ini sebagai satu halangan. Sebenarnya ia adalah peluang untuk anda menjadi seorang yang lebih professional.

Pastikan juga anda mempunyai strategi untuk menjadi mampan diri, atau self-sustaining. Takkan nak mengharapkan sumbangan dan dana sahaja kan? Kenalah bergerak kehadapan!

Sebenarnya, peluang untuk berjaya dalam crowdfunding agak rendah. Menurut kajian, hanya kurang dari 50 peratus mereka yang memulakan projek crowdfunding akan berjaya.

Tetapi jangan putus asa. Siapa kata anda tidak boleh usaha sendiri? Kalau kerja kuat, usaha gigih dan tidak berputus asa, jimat duit dan kumpul sedikit demi sedikit, boleh juga tercapai impian anda.

[Artikel ini pertama kali dicetak di KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

Di bawah adalah satu video yang memberi tip untuk mencari dana selain dari Crowdfunding (dengar cerita penulis skripnya agak kacak… ahem!).

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 53) – TV news… when was the last time you watched it?

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 53) – TV news… when was the last time you watched it?

Where does television news sit in the current media landscape? Zan and Aizyl can’t remember the last time they actually sat down at 8pm to catch “breaking” news. So should it be done away with or is there some way it could evolve to remain relevant?

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Don’t be cowed by paranoia on social media



Don’t be cowed by paranoia on social media
By Zan Azlee

I like posting pictures of me and my family on social media. My Facebook and Instagram pages are constantly flooded with pictures of me, my wife and my daughter going through our life adventures.

I’m proud of my family and it’s so much fun sharing our joy with family and friends. Both my wife and I are active on social media and the interaction we get with our followers is also a source of happiness.

Anyway, posting photos like this is so much a part of our modern lives now and it would feel weirder not to be on social media. It has become the norm in our culture that we cannot disassociate ourselves with it.

Then an incident that brings all this into question happens. Local comedian and actor Harith Iskandar discovers that pictures of him and his son were taken from his social media pages and posted on a porn website.

Of course, he made a report to the authorities and within two days, the pictures were no longer on the said porn website. Action was taken quite swiftly to solve the problem and all turned out well in the end.

We are all constantly reminded how we put ourselves and our families at risk whenever we post pictures online because of all the data that can be obtained, not just through the images, but also from the detailed metadata.

I, personally, do my best to limit the metadata, or information, that is documented. I shut down location recognition, geotagging, and whatever data that is recorded along with the photos that are taken by the camera.

But the one thing I refuse to do is to be paranoid and cease all existence on social media. Why should I, or we, be forced to not enjoy what is so much a part of life these days just because of those who like to take advantage of it?

We should work harder to expose and catch the perpetrators so to stop crimes like these from happening. The everyday person should not be bullied into submission and feeling too scared that they hide themselves and their children.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be prudent and careful. Of course, we have to be. Take all the precautions necessary just don’t be cowed. There will always be criminals and sick people out there and we can’t do much about it.

It’s like how we make sure that we always lock the doors to our homes and have security. But we don’t want to live in fear of robberies and other crimes because that would mean we would be denying ourselves the right to a normal and happy life.

Luckily, I have never found any of my families pictures used for purposes like pornography. But I have had to report and demand that a picture of my daughter which was taken without permission from Facebook and used in an advertisement be removed.

So I agree with how Harith Iskandar handled the situation. I’m sure it must have been a very distressing experience. But he turned into something positive by highlighting the situation, making the necessary reports and refused to be bullied into paranoia.

[This article originally appeared at The Malaysian Insider]


Malaysian Muslims seem to have very weak faith



Malaysian Muslims seem to have very weak faith
By Zan Azlee

I have been fasting in full every Ramadan for many years now and I admit, I do feel hungry and thirsty during the day and it isn’t totally comfortable all of the time.

But of course, like anything you do, if you put your mind to it and persevere, it eventually stops being a problem.

You get used to fasting and it actually makes your body feel good. But I won’t be talking here about the benefits of fasting on your health and well being.

What I do want to talk about is the fact that there are so many weak Muslims in Malaysia who can’t take fasting. I’m usually not one to judge, but well, this time I am going to!

We have a teacher in a school who asks his non-Muslim students to go to the toilet to drink during Ramadan, just so Muslim students won’t see them drinking.

It is ridiculous how some school canteens are instructed to close during the fasting month because it would mean non-Muslim students eating in view of Muslim students.

This issue of non-Muslims having to go out of their way, in the name of being respectful to those who are fasting, crops up every time Ramadan comes around.

I don’t understand how this is respect. All I can conclude from this is that some Malaysian Muslims are just too weak, and when they see someone drink water, their will to fast disappears.

I have many non-Muslim friends and I accompany them for lunch or even just for a drink at the mamak, even when I’m fasting, just so we can hang out and have a chat.

I see them eat and drink but I don’t get tempted. Sometimes, they tease me too and pretend to order for me a glass of teh ais and we all have a good laugh. But I still fast. No problems.

This fasting month, although only a week has gone by, I’ve even been accompanying my wife for lunch at restaurants whenever we are out and about.

She is in the final trimester of her second pregnancy and she needs the food and nutrition. So she doesn’t fast. We sit and chat as she has her meal and I still fast. No problems.

I’m not trying to say that I’m a perfect Muslim here. No way. I am far from that. What I am trying to say is that some Malaysian Muslims need to take a step back and look at their faith.

Fasting is an‘ibadah’and it is suppose to be challenging (although not torture!). And aren’t challenges suppose to make your faith and fast count for even more?

So technically, Malaysian Muslims should welcome people to eat and drink in front of them, and then resist, so they can collect more‘pahala’, right? Funny, isn’t it?

But no. Malaysian Muslims are just too weak. They fast but they can’t take it when they catch a glimpse of someone eating or drinking. Their faith starts to waver.

They can’t even take it when when non-Muslims use the word ‘Allah’ because they start getting confused and all with their own faith. Malaysian Muslims. What a weak bunch they are.

[This article originally appeared on English.AstroAwani.Com]