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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 10) – Trustworthiness of the Malaysian media… is plagiarism rampant?

BERNAMA, the country’s national news agency, was recently accused of plagiarising an article from the Jakarta Globe about the Indonesian presidential elections. Is plagiarism rampant in the industry? Zan and Aizyl pontificate like the bumbling intellectual wannabes they are!

*Watch The Fat Bidin Vox Pop video where Zan and Aizyl take to the mean streets of Malaysia to find out the people’s view on the topic!

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Saying sorry and meaning it too!



Saying sorry and meaning it too!
By Zan Azlee

“Please say sorry to Dylan, Athena,” I say to her after she deliberately snatches a toy that her cousin is playing with.

“No,” she replies.

“You have to say sorry when you do something wrong.”


“Athena! You better say sorry now!”


“You say sorry now or I’ll put you in your room!”


(And she starts screaming and crying while I sigh a huge one!)

Being a father has it challenges. Especially when the kid is still a three-year-old mischievous girl. But you learn things as you go along.

One of the things I felt has been a major challenge is to teach my daughter right from wrong and, more importantly, to realise when she is wrong and to apologise for it.

I know that many parenting experts say that you should never force your child to say sorry. She needs to learn that what she does hurts others and that it is wrong.

Then she can sorry and really mean it. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

Germany beat Brazil, thanks to Malaysia



Germany beat Brazil, thanks to Malaysia
By Zan Azlee

Don’t underplay Malaysia’s role in contributing towards Germany’s record thrashing of Brazil in yesterday’s World Cup semi-final.

Yes, it’s true that Malaysia has never qualified for the World Cup. And yes, in the past decades, we have only been champions in the Southeast Asian region.

But did you know that one of Germany’s most lethal strikers in this year’s tournament, Thomas Muller, was actually discovered by a Malaysian?

Former Malaysian international footballer, Lim Teong Kim, trained a young Muller when he was based in Germany as the U-19 Bayern Munich assistant coach.

In fact, Muller even thanked Lim for developing his skills when he won FIFA’s Best Young Player award in 2006. So stake your claim Malaysia!

Also, remember the recent Thomas Cup tournament in India? The one where we lost at our best chance to win back the cup after 22 years?

Japan, who had never been a badminton powerhouse, beat the Malaysian team in dramatic and stylish fashion to win the cup for the first time ever.

But Malaysia shouldn’t be too upset about it. Kento Momota, their second singles player who thrashed Malaysia’s Chong Wei Feng in straight sets, had a coach.

And who would his coach be? Of course, it’s a Malaysian by the name of Izuan Ibrahim. So Malaysia can lay claim to winning the Thomas Cup as well!

Also, let’s not forget how we tried to also lay claim to one of the world’s best golfing talent, Fijian Vijay Singh, who lived in Malaysian for a few years before becoming successful. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

Simple investing



Simple investing
By Zan Azlee

Sipping on a refreshing iced tea while lying down on a beach with no worries in the world and no return flight back home booked.

You have no work to get back to at home and money just ain’t a thing! Retirement is bliss, isn’t it? Oh, and did I mention that you are still in your thirties?

That is the dream isn’t it? To retire early and just sit back and enjoy life without having to ever worry about working and making money to survive.

With parents who retired years before their official national retirement age, I’ve had this type of education drilled into me from very early on – investing.

I’ve never really had the intention to retire early. I’m glad to be doing exactly what I’m doing so my dream is to just be able to continue to do it as long as I can.

But I do value the financial management awareness that was instilled in me by my parents and, although I don’t have absolute financial freedom, I’m relatively stress-free about it.

The concept that they have for investing isn’t that complicated. It’s simple, doesn’t require much technical know-how and pretty low-risk. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

The Fat Bidin Vox Pop (Ep 2) – When Facebook profiles become news… a new way to judge character?

Zan and Aizyl take to the mean streets of Malaysia to see how the public thinks their Facebook profile pages will be portrayed by the media if they get their 15-minutes of fame! So… they find out that nerds become dirty online and losers become cool!

And the context is:

A Malaysian diplomat is being accused of sexual assault. Is his Facebook profile a good way to determine his moral judgement? On other social media related news… Nando’s have made their stand in the whole soup kitchen fiasco pretty clear – that they’re irrelevant to the conversation. Good job!

As you probably know, The Fat Bidin Vox Pop videos are suppose to complement The Fat Bidin Podcasts, and vice versa.

Do listen to the podcast where they discuss this between the two of them in the comfort of their own company below:

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Produced by FATBIDIN.COM and hosted by Zan Azlee and Aizyl Azlee.

This vox pop is made available with the support of Intel Malaysia.