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My third book, a non-fiction graphic novel about my adventures in Afghanistan, is out now!


My third book, a graphic novel titled Adventures of a KL-ite in Afghanistan, is now out at all major bookstores in Malaysia and Singapore!! Illustrated by my long time buddy Arif Rafhan Othman (aka Apan).

It’s all about my real life adventures of shooting a documentary in Afghanistan. I was there during the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and I spent time in Kabul on my own, as well as being the first Malaysian journalist to be embedded with the Malaysian Armed Forces who are stationed in Bamiyan.




But my favourite part of the book is this cameo appearance by good ol’ Dave!


Official launch will be after Hari Raya, but it’s out in the bookstores already. And soon, you’ll be able to order it at the Fatbidin E-Store as well (including some interesting exclusive bundle packages!).


These are my first satisfied customers!



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My Pak Non encounter

My Pak Non encounter
By Zan Azlee

About a year ago, when I was still a mercenary journalist and hadn’t joined the team at Astro AWANI yet, I was called up by one of the channel’s executive editor. Kamarul Bahrin Haron, an old friend, wanted me to appear as a one of two guests on a live discussion programme called Agenda AWANI to talk about media freedom.

I felt that the topic was right up my alley and I immediately agreed. And the night of the programme, I had arrived at the studio and was led in by one of the researchers. As soon as I stepped in to the cold studio, I was caught off guard and speechless as I saw the other guest sitting next to Kamarul in front of the cameras. It was Pak Non.

My first instinct was of excitement and glee. Here was Zainon Ahmad, a veteran journalist and a mentor to so many in the industry. And I was going to sit next to him! Then my brain caught up with me. Here was Zainon Ahmad, a veteran journalist and a mentor to so many in the industry. And I was going to sit next to him!

My next thought after that was to push aside the audio guy who was fixing my microphone and run down to the car park and drive away as fast as I could! [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

Google’s top 2012 searches… that led to my website!


2012 according to Google
By Zan Azlee

DEC 28 ― The year is coming to an end and it is time to look back and reflect upon the momentous events of the passing year. I thought it would be a good idea to look back at 2012’s top ten searches on Google… and that led to my website, Fatbidin.com!

10. Ridhuan Tee Abdullah

Number ten could be one that has given me the most pleasure this year. I disagree with everything this academician, TV host and writer ― whose real name is Tee Chuan Seng ― says. We had a brief heated exchange in our respective columns (his is in Sinar Harian), from which I emerged victorious.

9. Kabul

Being the gloriously brave war journalist and adrenaline junkie that I am, I went to Afghanistan to shoot a documentary. After a decade of war and after the Taliban, it’s quite a surprise that the country is still getting media coverage.

8. Bersih 3.0

This has to be one of the lowest points of the year. I witnessed things that I don’t ever want to witness in Malaysia again. The police were brutally attacking demonstrators and even journalists like a bunch of street thugs ― after they removed their nametags, of course. But the spirit of Malaysians that gathered, now that was a high point.

[Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

I’m on the cover of a magazine… again! And I am looking beautiful!

“Yeah pops… I’ve been on the cover of magazines too!”










I’m on the cover of the Dec-Jan 2013 issue of 360 Celcius magazine! You’ve never heard of the magazine, you say? Well, neither have I, until recently! Hahaha! This is like the upteenth time I’ve been on the cover of a magazine/newspaper over the years. I wonder what is with the obsession they have with good-looking guys like me! Muahaha! (Click on the images above to read the article)

Guide to Afghanistan: The Adventures of a KL-ite (Part 10 – Living at the feet of Buddha)

This week is part 10 of my multimedia documentary, Guide To Afghanistan: The Adventures of a KL-ite, which includes video, still photos an text. As you would know, this is concurrent with the 10-part feature on The Malaysian Insider website, of which you can view part 10 here:

Living by the feet of Buddha
By Zan Azlee

FEB 13 — After the days I spent on patrol with Malaysia’s MALCON ISAF 2 in the rural areas of Bamiyan building water filters, educating health officials and saving lives, I was glad to be back in the safety of Kiwi Base in the city of Bamiyan.

Bamiyan is actually one of the safest provinces in Afghanistan and this is due to its population of predominantly Hazarat people who fiercely reject the Taliban. They are Shiites and were terribly oppressed, hurt and killed during the rule of the Taliban. So walking the streets of Bamiyan city is really like a walk in the park compared to in Kabul.

Now that I was feeling a bit secure and safe, I wanted to do something that I had dreamed of since I was 15 years old. That’s right! I wanted to go and see for myself, with my own two eyes, the great Buddhas of Bamiyan.

I was apparently still under the responsibility of the Malaysian Armed Forces, and the commander, Lt Col Rusman Sanip, did not want to allow me to roam outside of the army base on my own (although I had spent all my time in Kabul alone before meeting up with them in Bamiyan!). He was kind enough to escort me together with a couple of security team members. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

Guide to Afghanistan: The Adventures of a KL-ite
Part 10 of 10
‘Living by the feet of Buddha’
Zan fulfills his 19 year dream of seeing the Buddhas of Bamiyan! And he discovers the ultra poor Hazarats living at his feet… literally.

Full Synopsis:
Zan Azlee, a Malaysian KL-ite journalist who has lived all his life in non-conflict zones, travels to Afghanistan to see if he can come up with the best travel guide for the country. With no idea what he is getting himself into, he dodges suicide bombers and IEDs, and even gets embedded with the army, to plan out the best tourist route in Afghanistan. This is a multimedia documentary produced by Fat Bidin Media and directed by solo-journalist Zan Azlee.

To view all the episodes, head to FATBIDIN.COM/AFGHANISTAN.

Click the thumbnails below to launch the photo essay (Part 10).

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