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Pakchic Says: No Sane Adult Would Suffer through a Kindergarten Concert!



Pakchic Says: No Sane Adult Would Suffer through a Kindergarten Concert!

By Zan Azlee

Honestly, how any sane adult can actually sit down through an entire kindergarten concert and sincerely enjoy it really beats me.

It can be a very painful struggle to watch the little, short, mini human beings jumping up and down and trying to sing on the stage.

Ninety per cent of the kids are uncoordinated, forget their routine or the words to the songs, and many even just stand still and cry.

And last week was my little three-year-old Athena’s annual kindergarten concert and my wife and I, apparently, were obligated to attend.

So we dragged ourselves out of bed early in the morning, shivered under the shower and drove sleepily to the venue. Athena, of course, was weirdly excited.

We dropped Athena off at her teacher along with her costumes and we went into the hall and sat at our seats, waiting for the show to begin (the faster it starts, the faster it ends!).

The show was supposes to start at 10am, but a teacher sauntered up on stage, took the microphone and started apologising. Oh no!

“I’m sorry for the slight wait. We’re still trying to dress some of the children,” she said sheepishly.

And so we waited some more. I was getting hungry since we hadn’t eaten breakfast. I wanted to stop for nasi lemak on the way but my wife wouldn’t let me.

Half an hour later, the music started and we all told to look at the back of the hall. There were the kids all decked out in traditional costumes ready to waddle out (the theme was ‘Malaysia’). [Click to read the full article at MakChic.Com]

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 26) – Petrol prices… subsidised and confused!

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 26) – Petrol prices… subsidised and confused!

Zan and Aizyl started out so well discussing petrol prices and the effects of subsidies on the nation and it’s people. Then things started to get out of hand when they thought they know things… key word here ‘thought’. They are joined by special guest, TV news producer, Jasmine Abu Bakar.

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How to make roads safer? Make them less safe!



How to make roads safer? Make them less safe!
By Zan Azlee

I’ve been to Amsterdam several times and I love the city because it has traditional European charm with cobblestone roads and also modern infrastructure (and they have good coffee shops too!). Walking around the city in the central area near the central station is exciting and fun with many small shops, fresco cafes, public squares and markets everywhere. Another thing that struck me is the excitement isn’t just because of being in a new place or because there are so many things to see. Just walking itself is exciting.

Most of the streets in Amsterdam have no signs, curbs, lines, or anything at all. And with it all being cobblestone, you can’t even distinguish where the street ends and the sidewalk begins. So when you’re walking, you wouldn’t actually know where to walk. Cars would be driving by and bicycles cruising along. The only vehicle that has dedicated space are the barges on the canals.

The feeling that you get when walking in a situation like that is really a feeling of fear. You walk as if there is constant danger of getting hit by a car or a bicycle. You do not feel safe at all. [Click to read the full article at KopitiamEkonomi.Com]

Did I really enjoy going to sekolah kebangsaan?



Did I really enjoy going to sekolah kebangsaan?
By Zan Azlee

I was twelve years old and attending a public junior high school in New York City. It was a social studies class and the teacher was one Mr Nelson.

My classmates and I entered the classroom and Mr Nelson had a copy of the day’s New York Times for each and everyone of us.

It was the year when President George Bush Sr and the United States declared the first Gulf War against Iraq after Saddam Hussein invaded neighbouring Kuwait.

Mr Nelson gave us twenty minutes to read the story about the war on the front page of the newspaper. He even taught us how to handle and fold a broadsheet!

Once we were done, we were told that we could ask any question we wanted about the story we had just read and about the war. Anything at all.

We started with basic questions like why the US had declared war with Iraq and why Saddam Hussein had sent his troops into Kuwait.

Then we went on to have a lengthy discussion on whether any of us were actually in agreement or disagreement with the decision of the US to declare war with Iraq. [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

To convert or not to convert – that is the question



To convert or not to convert – that is the question
By Zan Azlee

During my extensive travels in the heartland of Islam (the Middle-East lah!), I would listen to all kinds of stories and incidents told to me by the locals I met.

Once, I was at a church (which used to be a mosque which used to be a church!) by the River Jordan where John (Yahya) baptised Jesus (Isa), when it’s caretaker struck a conversation with me.

We were talking about marriage (I was single then) and I mentioned that in Malaysia, it was a law for non-Muslims to convert to Islam if they were to marry a Muslim.

The caretaker looked at me in surprise and said that that wasn’t the case in Jordan. Anyone who believed in any of the Abrahamic faiths (People of the Book) could marry without converting.

This incident was reminded to me by yesterday’s fiasco regarding the issue of conversion during marriage causing problems for the nation.

(The issue of the Attorney-General being misquoted is beside the point, the issue is still a relevant one)

With numerous cases here of non-Muslim parents try to take custody of their Muslim children becoming controversies and unsolvable, it is a valid issue to be discussed. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]