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As usual, mainstream interest in podcasts is going to kill its punk-rock appeal


Big broadcasters in the USA have been acquiring stakes in podcasting organisations. For example, CBS recently acquired 30% of podcast network, which hosts shows by Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal and Snooki.

This is all well and good seeing that podcasting is growing in the media world (but not so in Malaysia!). However, I wonder if the growth in interest for podcasting will actually rob it off it’s appeal – rawness and DIY-spirit.

As it is, many of the podcasts I listen to are beginning to be produced so slickly and polished that I might as well be listening to a mainstream radio station. Not so punk-rock anymore!

The podcasts that I do with my brother Aizyl Azlee are done so casually and candidly that people think we’re just playing a fool! In fact, we really are! We just want to have fun doing something that we believe in.

But hey, I guess there is a place on the huge InterWebs for anything and anyone!

Read this posting ‘Big broadcasters loosen purse strings for podcasting‘ on to find out more. about why big networks are clamouring for a piece of the podcast pie.

The Fat Bidin Vlog (Ep 1) – Multimedia journalism, 1MDB & a false labour!

I have decided to start vlogging! Yeah! Whatever! This is the first episode and I hope it becomes a weekly affair. It might be crap or it might be brilliant.

The Fat Bidin Vlog

Ep 1 – Multimedia journalism, 1MDB & a false labour!

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The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 58) – Malaysian government’s horrible perception management

The Fat Bidin Podcast (Ep 58) – Malaysian government’s horrible perception management

Regardless of being in the right or in the wrong, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s administration doesn’t seem to be placing any importance in managing the public’s perception of allegations against Najib and the government. What can be done better?

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Journalism and the news need to be more honest, not objective


More engaging journalism – as stated in a posting on the Columbia Journalism Review by Joyce Barnathan, the president of the International Centre for Journalists.

What she means is that the way news is presented these days needs to be revised and new rules need to be made up. And I totally agree with what she says. (Err… I’ve been saying for many years now!)

If many people thought that news needs to be presented fast and quick these days to suit social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, then they are not exactly correct (although fast bites like these do have a purpose).

Sites like Vice and podcasts like Serial have shown that in-depth journalism stories do work and are popular. But it has to be presented in such an engaging way that people will be attracted to it.

And the way is to weave the journey into the story.

Most of Vice’s video stories have the reporter involved and participating, much like immersed or submersion journalism. In Serial, reporter Sarah Koenig documented how she pursued the story, a murder case where an allegedly innocent person went to prison.

The younger generation is also tired of this perception that the news is always impartial and objective, because that just isn’t the point. Everyone has an opinion and everyone will be biased in some way, even journalists. The key point is that the news should always be honest.

(A point that I have always stressed too! Read: I’m not an objective journalist!)

Welcome to the new age of journalism.

Gimlet is the most recent podcasting network to be born online… and they want to be like HBO?


Since the last time I wrote about a new online podcast network (If Malaysian podcasters got together, could they form a successful collective like PRX’s Radiotopia?), a new one is here called Gimlet.

Founded by Alex Blumberg of Planet Money (and also a producer at This American Life), it already has a few original shows on offering. Start Up is a show that chronicles start ups going through their journey, Reply All is a show about things on the Internet and Mystery Show is a quirky show about solving everyday mysteries.

And Blumberg feels that going full capitalism is the way to go (just like Ira Glass), which means that he think that advertising money is being floated around more than every right now.

I will say it again… I really hope that podcasting will catch on fire here in Malaysia. I pray to Almighty Allah!

Read a full interview with Blumberg about Gimlet and podcasting at NiemanLab.Org.

And please spend some time listening to some of Fat Bidin’s original podcasts!