Fatbidin.tv has another new episode of FAT BIDIN PRESENTS… THE LIFE & TIME OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY

Even more new episodes on FATBIDIN.TV!


Part 8 of 15
Muallafs in Thailand!

And stupid me forgot to post Part 7 of 15 here!
Part 7 of 15
Good little girl who memorizes all her essential prayers!

Go and watch lah! Please?!?

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New episodes!! FAT BIDIN PRESENTS… (Episode 6 of 15) and THE P1 NET SHOW (Episode 6)!

New episodes on FATBIDIN.TV!


Part 6 of 15
There’s an abandoned village (many actually!) where all the villagers have left and gone to Malaysia

Episode 6 – Unboxing of the P1 DV230 (Part 1 & 2)
Know what a P1 DV230 is? It’s all explained in the unboxing.

This week’s episodes on FATBIDIN.TV

It’s new episodes on FATBIDIN.TV yet again! Nothing is holding us back!


Part 5 of 15
The Krue Se Mosque is the oldest mosque in Pattani at 500 years old. It’s seen some bloody times.

Episode 5 – Unboxing of the Wiggy
Know what a Wiggy is? It’s all explained in the unboxing.

It’s FATBIDIN.TV update time… again!

It’s FATBIDIN.TV update time! If you ain’t sick of it yet… that means I haven’t spammed you enough! Hahaha!


Part 4 of 15
Zan attends a marriage course in Pattani. Apparently, 31 is too late if you want to get married! And the film is still banned in Malaysia.

WE THE PEOPLE… Chatting with academicians about media censorship
Censorship… we never get tired talking about it.

Episode 4 – QTM… and Michael Lai singing!
QTM is when the P1 team gets together and finds out what is going on with everything. It’s also an excuse for a little rock star fantasy!

FATBIDIN.TV pushing strong in it’s 2nd week with brand new episodes!

How are my peeps doing? Fatbidin.tv has had a great start and is continuing in it’s second week! The three fledgling shows all have new episodes that are freaking ball-tearers!


What can I say? It’s my banned-in-Malaysia film getting a life online! The second episode sees me finding out the truth in the rumour that the Islamic militants are getting their funding from Tom Yam restaurants in Malaysia. Go watch it here.

Chatting with Indonesians in Malaysia (about that whole culture-stealing debacle!)

The show that gives a voice to the people sees some Indonesians living in Malaysia commenting on the recent spat between the two countries about stealing each other’s heritage and culture. Watch and start pointing fingers here.

The Social Media Club

The second episode gets a bit nerdy. A bunch of guys (and gals) who socialize online get together for real… at the Social Media Club! Watch it here.

Come on guys! Fatbidin.tv is the place to be!

FATBIDIN.TV! It’s like the boob tube… only better!

The Fat Bidin Media team (Believe it or not, we have a team!) has embarked on a new project called FATBIDIN.TV. It’s a free online video channel which will have different types of shows/series. To start off, we have three new shows

A series which will host long form documentaries. The first season will feature a serialised version of my banned-in-Malaysia documentary THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY (aka: I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER). Click here to watch.

A video show where we hear from the common man (and woman!). The first episode sees us chatting with UMNO ‘delegates’ at the 2009 UMNO General Assembly. Click here to watch.

A reality series which looks at the goings-on of P1, Malaysia’s first WIMAX Internet company. Click here to watch.

So peeps… make sure you log on to FATBIDIN.TV and bookmark it for regular visits. And also join the Fat Bidin TV Facebook Fan Page. Thanks for the support guys! I know you all love me! I love me too! Muahaha!

I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER tours with the Freedom Film Festival!

Alright! Looks like my film I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border won’t be seeing the light of day on Malaysian television thanks to the ban! But no worries! The kind folks at KOMAS have decided to bring it on their 2009 Freedom Film Festival tour around Malaysia.

Here are the dates and venue:
Kuala Lumpur – The Annexe, Central Market (3pm, 3rd October)
Penang – Han Chiang College (3pm, 10th October)
Kuching – Sek Men Chung Hua 1 (3pm, 24th October)
Johor Bahru – Tropical Inn (3pm, 31st October)

I’ll try and show up at a couple of these venues. So come and get an autograph from me! Haha!

Visit the Freedom Film Festival website for more information.

How a documentary filmmaker and a TV news anchor ended up together! Aww… how sweet!

An article in the Malay Mail about how a documentary filmmaker and a news anchor ended up together! Aww… how sweet! My favourite part is where the writer stated my age being 26! Muahahaha! [Click here or here to read the article]

Okay… you can throw up now!

Griping about my film’s situation in my latest column in The Malaysian Insider

Alright bros and hoes! I’m still smarting from the ‘banning’ of my film. But the appeal has been sent and we are hoping for the best. So… here is an excerpt from my latest column in The Malaysian Insider:

An Encounter with ‘the powers above’

SEPT 18 — Once upon a time, there was a guy named… Zac! Zac Azron. Quite a good-looking guy, in fact. Most girls wanted to be with him while most guys wanted to be him (some guys also wanted to be with him!).

Always dressed casually, he had the rugged and boyish good looks which just screamed sex appeal. But this story is not about Zac’s good looks. It’s about a situation which Zac found himself in.

Zac happens to be a journalist and documentary filmmaker. Moderately successful, he has managed to get several of his films broadcast on Malaysian national television. And being a journalist, he always strives to tell true stories of ordinary folks. [Click to read more]

My film has been taken off the broadcasting lineup

I have just been informed that the ‘powers above’ have taken my film, I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER, off the broadcasting line up on ntv7 at the last minute. Let’s hope an appeal is successful. I really want Malaysians to see it.

Zan’s latest film, I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border, is now ready for consumption!

The time has come for all of you to stop chewing your fingernails to a pulp! The anticipation is over! Zan’s latest film I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border is now ready for consumption on ntv7 throughout September 2009! Above is the freshly cut trailer to the film.

Serialized version:
30 minutes x 4 episodes
Every Fridays (starting 4th Sept 2009) at 7:30pm on ntv7.

Full length version:
74 minutes
20th Sept 2009 at 2pm on ntv7.

Catch it for a life-altering experience!

Also… I will be appearing on BERNAMA Radio24 on Monday, 31st Aug 09, on the All Angles talk show to talk about my film. It’ll be live, so tune in to 93.9FM at 12nn-1pm!!!

Zan appears on ntv7′s The Breakfast Show

Fear not those of you who missed my appearance on ntv7′s The Breakfast Show. I have uploaded the segment online! Now go watch me promote the hell out of my latest film!

Zan will appear live on ntv7′s The Breakfast Show!

Voize.com interviewed me during my preview screening last week.

And Rezuan (dude… why didn’t you tegur me that night?) also posted a video of the introduction to the film that evening. Thanks! I appreciate the support from all that came!

Being the super duper star that I am… I’ve been invited to appear on ntv7′s live The Breakfast Show this Tuesday, 25th Aug 2009, between 9am and 10am, to talk about I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border. So catch it! If you have to go to work that morning… don’t! Muahahaha!

Re-broadcast of the first I’M MUSLIM TOO! documentary film on ntv7

With all the excitement around my latest film (or am I the only one excited?!?), I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border, being released on ntv7 in September, some people have been asking about the first I’M MUSLIM TOO! installment which was released last year. Well, worry no more! Due to its immense popularity (ahem ahem!), ntv7 will be re-broadcasting it this year. They will show the 4-episodic version every Sundays (starting on 23rd August, 2009) at 5pm. So make sure you catch it!

If you need to be reminded what it’s about, click here. If you want to make this film your very own to hold and touch every night before you go to sleep, you can purchase the DVD at the Fat Bidin E-Store!

Can Mat Sallehs speak Malay?

Okay everybody! I’m excited! Preview screening is today! So make sure you all come in full force!

HELP University-College
Free admission.
Q&A session will follow the screening.

Oh by the way… above is another short clip from the film. Bloody Mat Salleh speaks Malay and Thai!

Special preview screening of I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border (free for all!)

The film is done! Yeah babeyyyy! Okay… today’s clip I’m releasing is of Tuwaedaniya Meringing bringing me to see the 500 hundred year old Krue Se Mosque. It was the site of a bloody massacre a few years ago.

As you all know… the film will be released on ntv7 in September… which is just a few weeks away. So, I’m having a preview screening of the film on Monday (17th August 2009), 8pm, at HELP University-College’s theatrette (Pusat Bandar Damansara). Amir Muhammad will be introducing the film and a Q&A session with me will follow. Entrance is free and all are welcome. Come early to get seats because you know Zan’s films are always DA BOMB! If you are a member of the media, contact zanazlee@gmail.com

I would like to bring to attention that this film is now known as I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border (AKA: The Life & Times of an Islamic Insurgency).

Get whipped by the women of Pattani!

It’s a matriarchal society in Pattani. The women do everything and the men just get whipped! Damn editing of the film has got my ass whooped!

Getting shot in Pattani!

The editing of ‘THE LIFE & TIMES…’ is almost done! Can you believe it? I can’t! This is the fastest edit I’ve done so far for a feature length film! Woohoo! I’ve got some bits & pieces to shoot (mainly of myself looking handsome and cool!)… but aside from that, everything is done.

The video above is still of me and Daniya. He tells me about the risk we have of getting shot or bombed. It’s really exotic and exciting for me to see tanks and soldiers all around town. Good thing I didn’t get shot at!

THE LIFE & TIMES… editing begins… and gets a new name… and gets a broadcasting deal… and is looking for advertisers!

Before you start reading this entry… click and get the video above downloading first! Done so? That red line moving? Okay! Now start reading!

It’s been a while. Work and other crap has been intense! My film ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY’ has been taking a back seat for a while… but not anymore! I’ve started editing and its coming along sweet! Also got a deal with a local broadcaster. Where else but your feel good channel… ntv7! It’s going to have a new special TV title… ‘I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER’. They want to brand it based on my previous film ‘I’M MUSLIM TOO!’. Keep your fingers crossed… you all might get an annual dosage of FAT BIDIN (A.K.A. = ME!) in the years to come! Muahahahaha!

So… any sponsors or advertisers? National airtime is confirmed you know! Come on… you know you want to! Heheh! My line is always open! Contact me!

Okay… cut the crap! Check out the first video blog from the film and let me know what you think!

Off to Patani for my next film

Photo by Thomas Fuller/IHT

Photo by Thomas Fuller/IHT

My next film project is already underway! Am I prolific or what! Hahaha! It’s going to be called THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY.

I’ll be going to Patani in Southern Thailand to check out the situation there. As most of you already know, there’s a bit of violence going on there between the Muslim rebels and the Thai government. It’s been going on for a while and I heard that the Thai government suspect that the Kelantanese/Siamese Tom Yam Kung stalls in Malaysia are funding the rebels. Damn! I didn’t know what I spent on my meals have been contributing to the violence! And so I decide to make a film about it…


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