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BBC’s 5 ways of addressing the importance of social media and mobile


Social media and mobile Internet can not be neglected or put on the back burner by any news organisation. And the BBC is one of the last who would want to do this.

The Beeb’s Chris Hamilton recently told about five initiatives they have done to address the importance of social media and mobile.

1. BBC Shorts – 15-seconds videos that are meant to be shared on Instagram.

2. Go Figure – Simple image/graphics that tell a story, also meant to be shared.

3. BBC Trending – Not just reporting what is trending, but understanding why it is trending, etc (Astro AWANI has been doing this for several years now with their Kini Trending).

4. BBC Pop Up – A mobile news bureau that travels around crowdsourcing stories from locals.

5. @BBCElectionBot – Used during the recent UK General Elections. It’s shut down now but will be made available again when there is another election.

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How professional broadcasters comment live on air

One of Nick Barnes' commentating notes (Photo by HENRIK KNUDSEN for EIGHT BY EIGHT).
One of Nick Barnes’ commentating notes (Photo by HENRIK KNUDSEN for EIGHT BY EIGHT).

Commentating live on TV or radio is not easy. I repeat… IT IS NOT EASY!! You really need to be prepared so you know what to say, when to say it and be sure that what you say is right.

Football magazine EightByEight has an interesting feature on how professional sports commentators, BBC’s Nick Barnes and NBC’s Arlo White, prepare their notes before going live on air.

Elaborate, colourful, and extremely creative, it gives us a glimpse of their passion and thought process that they give for their profession. You could open an entire exhibition using their notebooks!

Head on over to EightByEight see their works:

Cheat Sheets I: The art of commentary with BBC’s Nick Barnes

Cheat Sheets II: The colourful commentary of NBC’s Arlo White

A photo print of the Malaysian military assisting injured victims of a Taliban attack

MALCON ISAF 2 assessing the situation of the Afghan National Police (ANP) who were ambushed by the Taliban.
MALCON ISAF 2 assessing the situation of the Afghan National Police (ANP) who were ambushed by the Taliban (Bamiyan, 2011).

One of the most dramatic moments during my time with the Malaysian Armed Forces in Afghanistan was when the Taliban attacked an ANP (Afghan National Police) checkpoint. They were rained with gunfire and rocket-propelled grenades, and they came to the Malaysians desperate for help.

The picture above is of the Malaysians (MALCON ISAF 2) assessing the situation and trying to gather intelligence in order to decide their next step.

And for some context, below is a video of the exact incident that took place in the mountains of Bamiyan, Afghanistan.


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BFM Radio’s That Time of Night!

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 7.25.01 AM

It was fun being on the That Time of Night show on BFM last night. I wished I had done better than 10 points on their Smartypants quiz though! Placed 5th place overall among all their guests so far. If you missed the show on air, listen to the podcast by clicking the image above or HERE.

Being flown out to sea to board USS Carl Vinson

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.56.24 PM

Last weekend, I was flown to somewhere in the middle of the South China Sea to board the US Navy super aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson. The ship is currently part of the 7th Fleet patrolling the Asia-Pacific region. It’s a ship that has an interesting history, participating in the first Gulf War and most recently supported attack and reconnaissance missions against the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is also known for the ship that was responsible for the burial of Osama Bin Laden at sea.

Above is a short news appearance I did talking about it (click on the image above or HERE). Watch out for a more in depth feature soon on AstroAwani.Com!