How Bersih 3.0 changed me… as a father, as a journalist and as a Malaysian.

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The 13th General Election is finally here in Malaysia after a long wait! I’m a different person now than I was many years ago. I have covered every single BERSIH event and nothing has changed me more than Bersih 3.0. It changed me as a father, as a journalist and as a Malaysian! My friend and fellow journalist, Oon Yeoh, edited a book titled ‘Clean Sweep – The global triumph of Bersih 3.0′ last year and he asked me to contribute an essay about my experience. The book is now available in all major bookstores. And if you would like to read my essay, you can do so by not being a cheapskate and just buying the book! But if you’re still adamant about being a cheapskate… then click here to read it lah! Hahaha!

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I’m on the cover of a magazine… again! And I am looking beautiful!


“Yeah pops… I’ve been on the cover of magazines too!”










I’m on the cover of the Dec-Jan 2013 issue of 360 Celcius magazine! You’ve never heard of the magazine, you say? Well, neither have I, until recently! Hahaha! This is like the upteenth time I’ve been on the cover of a magazine/newspaper over the years. I wonder what is with the obsession they have with good-looking guys like me! Muahaha! (Click on the images above to read the article)

An interview with the awesome ME in August Man magazine (December 2011)!

An interview with the awesome ME in August Man magazine (December 2011)!

I’m (one of!) Clive Magazine’s 2011 Man of the Year!

My biggest achievement this year has been co-producing my little daughter Athena Azlee. Somehow Clive magazine just wanted to talk about my journalism… but I’ll take it anyway!! Woohoo!! Go get the December 2011 issue so you can hang my picture in your bathroom!

Looking hot and smoldering on Astro AWANI’s Sudut Pandang talking about Afghanistan… and my most multimedia project yet!

Sudut Pandang clip is courtesy of Astro AWANI.

I recently got back from shooting my documentary in Afghanistan, GUIDE TO AFGHANISTAN: The Adventures of a KL-ite, and almost immediately was invited on Astro AWANI’s Sudut Pandang to talk about my experience reporting from one of the most dangerous countries in the world.

It’s going to be my most multimedia project yet… I filed reports for TV while I was there (Astro AWANI), wrote a feature article and photo essay for Esquire Malaysia (December 2011 issue… watch out for it!), produced a multimedia series for online news portal The Malaysian Insider (coming this week!), edited an online video series for my site FATBIDIN.COM (anytime now!), am in talks with a radio station for a radio documentary series, also in talks with a television station for a TV documentary series, writing a book… and last but definitely not least… a feature length film!

So stay tuned and prepare to have your minds blown!!

Oh… my project is still available for potential sponsorship and advertising… just give me a buzz if you are interested and we can talk!

I was on BERNAMA TV’s The Breakfast Club looking all sexy and seductive!

The Breakfast Club video clip is courtesy of BERNAMA TV.

I was on BERNAMA TV’s The Breakfast Club a few weeks ago (18th October 2011) to promote my book and DVD ‘OPERATION NASI KERABU: FINDING PATANI IN AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘. Holy crap I’m so sexy! It’s no wonder I have a legion of fans! (Please like my Facebook Page… PLEASE!!!)

Of course… the book can be found at any major bookstore at RM25 (a free DVD of my documentary comes with every purchase). And if you’re interested to purchase it online, head on to the FATBIDIN e-STORE! There are other FAT BIDIN documentaries for sale too!

Athena dressed up in a spaghetti strap dress to help her pops sell his book at Readings @Seksan!

My sexy self serenading the pork!

I was recently invited to participate in Readings @Seksan by Sharon Bakar and of course, it was to read from my book ‘Operation Nasi Kerabu – Finding Patani in an Islamic Insurgency‘. The line-up was fantastic! It was Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (Coming of Age), Rumaizah Abu Bakar (The Female Cell), Adib Zaini (Zombijaya), Julian CH Lee (Policing Sexuality) and, obviously, to cap everything off and to add to the prestige… ME! There was also music by Reza Salleh.

I even managed to sell quite a number of copies of my book. A bit of advice… the best marketing strategy is to carry your baby daughter around and announce that all proceeds of the sales of the book will go to buying milk and diapers for the week. Fail-proof plan!!

For those of you who did not attend the reading (I shall unfriend you on Facebook!)… fret not! You can listen to a recording of my reading by clicking on the audio player above. And if you want a copy of the book (with a free DVD!)… you can still buy it at any major bookstore or order directly at the FAT BIDIN e-STORE for a signed copy!

Sharon Bakar, organiser of Readings @Seksan

Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (Coming of Age)

Adib Zaini (Zombijaya)

Julian CH Lee (Policing Sexuality) is the one on the far right. I was busy snapping pictures of him with his camera during his reading so I don't have any pictures of him in front of the crowd in my camera!

Rumaizah Abu Bakar (The Female Cell)

Athena all dressed up in a spaghetti strap ready to seduce the crowd into buying her pop's book!

Athena being lullabied by Reza Salleh.

Heading to the Land of the Bearded Man… AFGHANISTAN!

I’m heading out today! Afghanistan here I come! I’ll be doing shit loads over there… shooting my documentary film, writing a book, shooting photographs, and doing live reports! GODAMMIT! The things I have to do to pay the bills! I’ll be posting… tweetingFB-ing and Instagraming every opportunity I get so stay tuned! Or… you can also watch ASTRO Awani (501) starting 5th September for my live reports from the Land of the Bearded Man! Until I come up with something better… I’m calling it THE UNTITLED AFGHANISTAN PROJECT!

Wish me luck! (Or send me a bulletproof vest! Those things are expensive!)

Looks like my book is going to pay for my new yacht!

It's there... you just have to look really hard!!

Looks like ‘Operation Nasi Kerabu…‘ made it to the bestseller shelf at Kinokuniya KLCC! I’m going to be able to buy that yacht I’ve always dreamed of after all!

So I googled my name last night when no one was watching…

Okay! I google my name in the middle of the night when nobody is watching. So sue me! But look what I found… a couple of online reviews of my book and DVD ‘Operation Nasi Kerabu:Finding Patani in an Islamic Insurgency‘! Click on the images to read the reviews. Thanks Khairul and Susan for the kind words. Your money will be deposited in to your accounts soon! Muahahaha!

The Malaysian Reader.

Susan Loone.

The promotion campaign for my book & DVD has begun… with a sexy ass TV appearance and a first review in a newspaper

After the official launch, the promotion of my book and DVD ‘OPERATION NASI KERABU: FINDING PATANI IN AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘ has been going along quite well. How can it not when you have such a sexy ass guy behind it (ME of course!). Last week, I was on ntv7′s The Breakfast Show along with Tuwaedaniya Meringing, the main character of my book and film who so graciously flew down to Kuala Lumpur from Thailand to help me with my promotion campaign. (The clip below is courtesy of ntv7 and Primeworks Studios)

And a few days ago, The Malay Mail wrote a decent review of my book, which you can read online here.

The book can be found at any major book store at the price of RM25 (and this includes a free DVD of my documentary film ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘!). You can also buy it online at FATBIDIN.COM/STORE/. So please buy the book people! I need to feed my four month old daughter! She’s been crying for milk for a long time now!


And so it was the launch of my book and DVD ‘OPERATION NASI KERABU: FINDING PATANI IN AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘ which took place at The Annexe, Central Market in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve got an aching wrist from signing a gazillion copies of my book!

The book is selling at RM25 an it comes with a free DVD of my documentary film ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘. Just visit your nearest bookstore.

Tuwaedaniya Meringing (AKA Daniya), the veteran journalist/fixer from Patani and also the main character of my book and film, saying a few words about the conflict in his hometown.

Indulging my adoring fans!

Please buy my book if you want my daughter to continue having milk to drink and diapers to poop in!

The two guys that made this happen… Tuwaedaniya Meringing and Ezra Zaid (ZI Publications).

And on a last note, tune in to ntv7′s The Breakfast Show this Tuesday, 21st June 2011, at 9am, to see Daniya and me talk about my book and film!


My book ‘OPERATION NASI KERABU – FINDING PATANI IN AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY’ is finally done and all my adoring fans are invited to the launch (even if you’re are not a fan, you’re still invited!)! The book comes with a free DVD of my film ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘. I’ll be there screening some clips from the film. The main character of the film and book, the great journalist and fixer Tuwaedaniya Meringing from Patani, Thailand, will also be there to talk about the conflict in his hometown and the role journalism can play in advocating for peace. My book is published by ZI Publications and the launch will take place at the KL Alternative Bookfest 2011.

Date: 19th June 2011
Time: 3pm
Location: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Book synopsis: The news from Patani is like a movie: smoke, bombs, a near civil war. Yet just over our northern border, the people are Muslim, Bahasa-speaking, baju-wearing Malays, just like us. With this in mind, documentary-maker Zan Azlee set off to find the real Patani, trying to seperate the kedai kopi from the Humvees, the gunfights from the nasi kerabu. It’s hard to make new friends and man a camera while looking over your shoulder for suicide bombers. But he was determined to ask the question: how do people live their lives in a warzone? With his resulting film banned for political reasons, this is Azlee’s first chance to share what he found.

So come and be enthralled!

Fat Bidin in Da House!
June 6, 2011, 1:41 pm
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Fat Bidin is in da house (excuse the pun!)!! Check out Star Property today to read an article about Jasmine and me and our multimillion dollar home!!

So you want to be a documentary filmmaker and journalist (Part 2)

And the ultimate syok sendiri session comes to an end with part 2 of my article this week!

So you want to be a documentary filmmaker and journalist (Part 2)
By Zan Azlee

NOV 26 — Being a university lecturer for the past six years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and interact with a lot of young people who want to do what I do for a living. The thing about being with them is that it always gives me a positive feeling about myself. Selfish, I know!

But seeing their enthusiasm for life and their fire to pursue their ambition just reinforces the reason why I do what I do. So this two-part article will be my way of giving back to them. Hopefully, it will inspire them (or at least make them question if this is really what they want to do!).


With the money I made from that sale, I decided to make another feature-length documentary. This time, I decided to go a bit further. I titled the film “I’m Muslim Too!” and went to four countries in the Middle East (Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan) to see how young people lived their lives in their respective countries. The film was also shot solo-journalism style.

I went to Iran and interviewed a heavy metal band called Arsames. Then I headed to Syria to search for the Hezbollah video game Special Force, and to Jordan to visit the annual Jerash Arts Festival. I also went to Beirut in Lebanon to experience a little bit of war and to see how Palestinian refugee kids spend their days.

Being from Malaysia, I had never experienced war and in my mind, I might have romanticised it a bit. When I got in to Lebanon, there were military checkpoints lining every street. Tanks and soldiers were everywhere. Turn on the television and you would see “live” coverage of bombings, shootings and fighting just 20 kilometres from the city. It was terrible and it scared me.

“Hey! Answer my question! Who are you!”

And I was jolted back to reality… [Click to read the full article at The Malaysian Insider]

*Part 1 can be read here

My book gets a mention in the NST
March 21, 2007, 9:56 pm
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As you all know, I wrote a book which is now on the shelves (and if you didn’t know… now you do!). The New Straits Times recently wrote an article about the publishing company, Content Cradle. What makes it unique is that submission of ideas are done online. Read the article here.

Best Way To… A Guide to Effective Internet Use
October 13, 2006, 4:42 am
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I wrote a book… with some help of course! It’s in the bookstores now and is being sold at RM19.90, published by Content Cradle. It’s a simple book that helps people to make full use of New Media/Internet.
Check it out! Buy a copy! Help me pay the bills, feed my kids and pay for my parents’ nursing home fees!

Let me teach you the best way to utilise New Media! Click!


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