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What to write and what not to write?



What to write and what not to write?
By Zan Azlee

Penang is a city that seems very exotic to me even though I visit it very regularly. It has food that is just different than in Kuala Lumpur (the taste always seems better), well-preserved history and an environment that seems to inspire me as a writer and filmmaker.

So when I was invited to be a participant at the 2014 George Town Literary Festival by the director, Umapagan Ampikaipakan, I couldn’t say no. The invitation was together with my graphic novel co-author, Arif Rafhan Othman, who is an illustrator.

Thought-provoking discussions on literature doesn’t happen that often in this country, and when it does, it can get very interesting. And so the festival kicked off on Saturday morning with a panel discussion called ‘What are you hiding?’.

The panel consisted of Ooi Kee Beng (Malaysia), Sudhir Thomas Vadaketh (Singapore) and Leila S. Chudori (Indonesia), moderated by Sharaad Kuttan. They spoke about their respective countries and how the political environment dictated what could and could not be written about.

The most open country of the three was Indonesia and even there, they had to go through several leadership and party changes in order to achieve their level of freedom of speech and expression, explained Leila, a veteran journalist and author with Indonesian current affairs magazine Tempo.

“It also seems that Islamic religious voices seem to be getting stronger and stronger,” she added.

Sudhir, author of the non-fiction book ‘Floating on a Malayan Breeze’, talked about the political hold of the Lee family in Singapore and also about his experience and observations after cycling around Peninsular Malaysia sourcing for his book.

“As a writer, I don’t think about what to say or what not to say, but how to say it,” said Ooi Kee Beng when asked about restrictions when it came to writing in Malaysia. [Click to read the full article at English.AstroAwani.Com]

The launch of my latest book is this Sunday,17th August 2104, 2:30pm, at MPH, Nu Sentral (KL Sentral).

The launch of my latest book is this Sunday, 2:30pm, at MPH, Nu Sentral (KL Sentral).

You better come!! It’s an awesome non-fiction graphic novel about my adventures shooting a documentary in war-torn Afghanistan! It’s also a sweeeeettt collaboration with my bosom buddy Arif Rafhan Othman!

We’ll be there with a show for you guys!!! And signings… and photo-taking… and flirting… and wild, wild, passionate mingling!! Buy our book and exclusive merchandise on that day!

image(2) image(4)image(3) image(5)

Title: Adventures of a KL-ite in Afghanistan
Genre: Non-fiction graphic novel
Venue: MPH Nu Sentral (KL Sentral)
Time: 2:30pm, Sunday, 17th August 2014

My third book, a non-fiction graphic novel about my adventures in Afghanistan, is out now!


My third book, a graphic novel titled Adventures of a KL-ite in Afghanistan, is now out at all major bookstores in Malaysia and Singapore!! Illustrated by my long time buddy Arif Rafhan Othman (aka Apan).

It’s all about my real life adventures of shooting a documentary in Afghanistan. I was there during the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and I spent time in Kabul on my own, as well as being the first Malaysian journalist to be embedded with the Malaysian Armed Forces who are stationed in Bamiyan.




But my favourite part of the book is this cameo appearance by good ol’ Dave!


Official launch will be after Hari Raya, but it’s out in the bookstores already. And soon, you’ll be able to order it at the Fatbidin E-Store as well (including some interesting exclusive bundle packages!).


These are my first satisfied customers!



How Bersih 3.0 changed me… as a father, as a journalist and as a Malaysian.

bersih 1

bersih 2

bersih 3

The 13th General Election is finally here in Malaysia after a long wait! I’m a different person now than I was many years ago. I have covered every single BERSIH event and nothing has changed me more than Bersih 3.0. It changed me as a father, as a journalist and as a Malaysian! My friend and fellow journalist, Oon Yeoh, edited a book titled ‘Clean Sweep – The global triumph of Bersih 3.0′ last year and he asked me to contribute an essay about my experience. The book is now available in all major bookstores. And if you would like to read my essay, you can do so by not being a cheapskate and just buying the book! But if you’re still adamant about being a cheapskate… then click here to read it lah! Hahaha!

I’m on the cover of a magazine… again! And I am looking beautiful!

“Yeah pops… I’ve been on the cover of magazines too!”










I’m on the cover of the Dec-Jan 2013 issue of 360 Celcius magazine! You’ve never heard of the magazine, you say? Well, neither have I, until recently! Hahaha! This is like the upteenth time I’ve been on the cover of a magazine/newspaper over the years. I wonder what is with the obsession they have with good-looking guys like me! Muahaha! (Click on the images above to read the article)