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My Al Jazeera report on Obama’s Inauguration

I’ve been so busy you won’t even believe it! But I did get to put in some time producing a short vox pop package for Al Jazeera for their special coverage of Obama’s inauguration as the USA’s first black president. You can view those from other countries here.

Catch my Al Jazeera special report on World Human Rights Day

I’ve been working on a special TV news report for Al Jazeera in conjunction with World Human Rights Day (10th December 2008).

Ibrahim, his brother and a friend
Ibrahim, his brother and a friend

My assignment from the producer was to find out how refugee children in Malaysia live and go to school… basically, their right to education. I interviewed a Rohingya boy named Ibrahim and a girl named Fatimah.

Refugee kids in a UNHCR school
Refugee kids in a UNHCR 'school'
Datuk Ishak Mohamed, Malaysian Immigration Department
Datuk Ishak Mohamed, Malaysian Immigration Department

The sad thing about it is that Malaysia doesn’t recognise refugees so they can’t go to public school. But there are programmes organised and funded by the UNHCR.

So don’t forget to watch my special report on Al Jazeera this Wednesday, 10th December 2008!

My Al Jazeera standupper! Hahaha!

Al Jazeera had a special project in which they asked videojournalists from all around the world (and moi in dirty ol’ KL!) to file in reactions to the 2008 US Presidential Elections. It was ‘special’ because we were told to use 3G phones (in the spirit of Web 2.0) to do it. So, above are the videos that I did. The interviewees are Mass Comm students from HELP University-College.

Zan reporting for Al Jazeera!

I covered the 2004 and 2008 Malaysian General Elections as a journalist. It was exciting and fun to be a part of the country’s history.

I’ve gone international now baby! I’ll be covering the reaction to the 2008 US Presidential Election in Kuala Lumpur for Al Jazeera!

The time slots for my reports are:
4th November 2008 (but in Malaysia, it’ll be 5th November lah!)

So make sure you tune in to Al Jazeera (Channel 513 on ASTRO)! Woohoo!