I curse the shit out of everything!

I curse the computer! I curse the hard disk! I lost the the entire Final Cut Pro project file of my film, ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘! I curse Final Cut Pro! I curse my film! I have no other copies! I curse the copies! Who has a copy of my film? Give one back to me please! A file recovery software is now scanning my hard disk! I curse file recovery softwares! Oh no wait… let’s see if it can do the job first! If not, then I’ll curse it! If you’ve been following FATBIDIN.TV and are still waiting for the next episode… sorry! I curse FATBIDIN.TV! Does this mean I will have to re-edit my entire film? I curse re-editing! I curse the curses that I’m using to curse with!

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$6 dollars and an awesome idea. I should have came up with this first!

Why can’t I come up with ideas like this? Bloody hell! Read my column at The Malaysian Insider today.

Grab your dream job using social media!
By Zan Azlee

MAY 28 — I run Fat Bidin Media. Basically, it’s a one-man-band and I work hard to get jobs. In fact, I do anything to get jobs! (Got a pool I can clean? Or maybe a car to wash?) The standard begging and grovelling applies. I promote my skills and work online. I put my videos on YouTube, I have a Facebook group, and I blog about my activities. I do anything to make myself visible to potential clients. Times have gotten so desperate that I even tweet on Twitter! [Click to read the rest of the article]

Never had a real date? Your boyfriend/girlfriend only exists in a chat room? Disconnected with reality?

Never had a real date? Your boyfriend/girlfriend only exists in a chat room? Don’t go out enough? Disconnected with reality? Read my latest column in The Malaysian Insider!

Cyber world keeps us connected with real world

By Zan Azlee
MAY 21 — We live in an anti-social world. We don’t interact with each other. We don’t go out and be part of our environment. Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, blogs and even mobile devices like iPhones and PDAs — these are all supposedly disconnecting people from the real world. [Click hear to read the rest]

Come to the 6th World Islamic Economic Forum to get a chance to see me!

Come one! Come all! I have been invited to speak at the 6th World Islamic Economic Forum 2010 under the Marketplace of Creative Arts! I’ll be talking and screening clips from my films ‘I’M MUSLIM TOO!‘ and ‘THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY‘. Come and you might even get the chance to touch me!

Date & Time: 18th May (12:30pm), 19th May 2010 (2pm)
Venue: Conference Hall 2, Level 3, KL Convention Centre
(Click on the images below for more details)

Marketplace Schedule

Marketplace Speakers

How hard is it for the news to go multimedia?

Ahh!! Today is a griping session! So… read my latest column at The Malaysian Insider.

How hard is it to go multimedia?

By Zan Azlee
MAY 14 – What I really mean is presenting the news in a multimedia way. Don’t make the news site just an electronic version of a newspaper. If that is the case, the only advantage of being online is that it saves trees. [Click to read the rest of the article]

Porn makes the world go round… it does!

I’ve been quite sexed up recently. So I decided to write this for my column at The Malaysian Insider.

Porn makes the world go round
May 07, 2010
MAY 7 — Porn is what makes the world go round. Well, the media world anyway. If you observe, the success of any media depends on whether porn takes a liking to it or not. [click to read the rest of the article]

Oohh… my sexy face in the newspaper!
May 3, 2010, 1:11 pm
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The Star, 2nd May 2010, page 1

The Star, 2nd May 2010, page 2

The Star, 2nd May 2010, page 3

Wooo!! Look at my sexy face in the newspaper!! Wooo!! I get goosebumps just looking at how beautiful I am! Muahaha!! Click on the images to read (or click here).

The article is about the documentary I produced/directed with my posse (Hilmi and Fatul) called SUATU KETIKA… SIAPA SYBIL? If you missed the first airing yesterday, no worries! ASTRO will be repeating it on ASTRO PRIMA (105) on these dates:

Monday (3rd May 2010) – 1pm
Friday (7th May 2010) – 6pm
Saturday (8th May 2010) – 8pm

Don’t forget to catch the drama version too!


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