Going Gonzo for ideas! My latest column at The Malaysian Insider!

Gonzo Journalism!! Woohoo!!

Going Gonzo for ideas

By Zan Azlee

FEB 26 — Being in a field where you always have to come up with new ideas everyday is not something easy. I try to come up with one feature-length documentary film idea every year and that becomes the big project for the next twelve months. But in between, I have all kinds of video, television and writing projects that I have to work on throughout the year too (including this weekly column!).

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I’m a Muslim filmmaker and I make Islamic films. My latest at The Malaysian Insider.

Another week… another column at The Malaysian Insider.

I’m a Muslim filmmaker and I make Islamic films

By Zan Azlee
FEB 19 — I’m a Muslim and I make films. I guess that constitute me as a Muslim filmmaker. It doesn’t even matter if my films are about Islam or not. Well, my films are mainly about myself anyway (and from all the complaints I get from readers, so is this column, apparently!) and indirectly, my films become about Islam too.
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I shot and edited a video interview with that other Malaysian angkasawan for The Malaysian Insider

Recently, I shot and edited a short exclusive interview with that other Malaysian angkasawan (the one that didn’t go to space!) for The Malaysian Insider.

What’s my wife going to think about polygamy?? My latest column at The Malaysian Insider!

Oooohhh…. polygamy!!!! My latest at The Malaysian Insider.

The time I shot a documentary about polygamy

FEB 12 — Recently, I’ve been busy running around shooting a short documentary about polygamy for a Dutch television station. It came about when I discovered an article about the Ikhwan Polygamy Club, started by the family of Ashaari Muhammad (AKA Abuya), the former leader of the so-called cult Al-Arqam. I found it interesting and since they are based in Malaysia, I immediately pitched it to the Dutch producers and they agreed to commission it.
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Making films is dangerous for your reputation… my latest column at The Malaysian Insider

Responsible filmmaking

FEB 6 — When you make films that deal with real events and people, there are always sensitivities that are of concern. The responsibility that comes with being a non-fiction filmmaker is tremendous. So tremendous that I almost quit years ago when I was criticised for not being a responsible filmmaker.

I made a documentary film about people who travel in public busses entitled ‘The Black, White & Grey’. It was a documentary centred around the chats I conducted with random people in a bus. One of the passenger I spoke to was a teacher who spoke to me about his private life (ie: sex life). Then he tried to hit on me!
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Drool over this week’s episodes on FATBIDIN.TV!

Oooo… yeahh… check out the new episodes on FATBIDIN.TV this week! If it doesn’t get you drooling… then… you’re not drooling!

WE THE PEOPLE… Chats with Khalid Samad, Shah Alam MP, PAS (about that whole ‘Allah’ debacle!)

Episode 9 – P1 wins an APICTA award
P1 wins!


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