FATBIDIN.TV! It’s like the boob tube… only better!

The Fat Bidin Media team (Believe it or not, we have a team!) has embarked on a new project called FATBIDIN.TV. It’s a free online video channel which will have different types of shows/series. To start off, we have three new shows

A series which will host long form documentaries. The first season will feature a serialised version of my banned-in-Malaysia documentary THE LIFE & TIMES OF AN ISLAMIC INSURGENCY (aka: I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER). Click here to watch.

A video show where we hear from the common man (and woman!). The first episode sees us chatting with UMNO ‘delegates’ at the 2009 UMNO General Assembly. Click here to watch.

A reality series which looks at the goings-on of P1, Malaysia’s first WIMAX Internet company. Click here to watch.

So peeps… make sure you log on to FATBIDIN.TV and bookmark it for regular visits. And also join the Fat Bidin TV Facebook Fan Page. Thanks for the support guys! I know you all love me! I love me too! Muahaha!

My latest column in The Malaysian Insider shows how much I believe in Web videos!

I believe in Web videos! I believe! I believe! I believe!

Here’s an excerpt from my latest column in The Malaysian Insider about the latest 1 billion video views mark by YouTube:

I want my YouTube

OCT 18 – I’m sure you’ve heard the news – one billion customers served! Just like that popular fast food franchise company that has a clown as its number one salesman.

That’s it folks! YouTube recently exceeded one billion video views in a day. Is this a big deal? This is a big deal! On the same day, CSI, the most popular show on television at the moment only pulled in 15 million viewers.

Think about it. There are almost 7 billion people on earth. An estimated 2 billion of them have Internet access. That means half the Internet population of the world are YouTube viewers. If that’s not a big deal, that I don’t know what is! (Okay! Some might argue the recent spat in the MCA is a bigger deal. I grant that to you. I guess I’m just a techie geek!) [Click to read more]

Fat Bidin Media and P1 W1MAX presents the P1 Net Show!

Someone finally bought into my idea of creating a Web video series! I’ve been trying to launch one off in Malaysia for years but no one has been bold enough (or foolish enough?) to back me up! I finally found a sucker… errr… no… I mean a TOTALLY GREAT AND AWESOME company… that is open and cool enough to try it out! It’s… drum roll please… P1 W1MAX!!!!! Hey… they did recently win the APICTA 2009 Award for Best Start-Up of the Year!

So I present to you the first episode of the P1 Net Show! It’s going to be a weekly series on the Web that shows the goings-on of P1 the company. It will also have a gigantic Fat Bidin/Zan Azlee influence to it. And I don’t know if that is a turn-on or a turn-off for you guys! But I enjoy it for sure! Muahahaha! Now go tell all your friends!

You can view/bookmark/subscribe/tattoo onto your thigh or forearm the P1 Net Show YouTube page here: http://www.youtube.com/p1netshow

I’M MUSLIM TOO! HEADING TO THE BORDER tours with the Freedom Film Festival!

Alright! Looks like my film I’M MUSLIM TOO! Heading to the border won’t be seeing the light of day on Malaysian television thanks to the ban! But no worries! The kind folks at KOMAS have decided to bring it on their 2009 Freedom Film Festival tour around Malaysia.

Here are the dates and venue:
Kuala Lumpur – The Annexe, Central Market (3pm, 3rd October)
Penang – Han Chiang College (3pm, 10th October)
Kuching – Sek Men Chung Hua 1 (3pm, 24th October)
Johor Bahru – Tropical Inn (3pm, 31st October)

I’ll try and show up at a couple of these venues. So come and get an autograph from me! Haha!

Visit the Freedom Film Festival website for more information.