I’M MUSLIM TOO! airs in it’s full form on NTV7, 11:30am, 2nd Oct!

The Star - Cover (28 Sept 08)
The Star - Cover (28 Sept 08)

Im Muslim Too! in The Star - page 2 (28 Sept 08)
The Star - page 2 (28 Sept 08)
Im Muslim Too! in The Star - page 3 (28 Sept 08)
The Star - page 3 (28 Sept 08)
Im Muslim Too! in Malay Mail (11 Sept 08)
Malay Mail (11 Sept 08)

And the fame continues! Hahaha! Got a cover story in The Star and also a profile in the Malay Mail. Click the pictures to read the articles.

Don’t forget… the full length version (73 minutes) of I’M MUSLIM TOO! will be going on air on NTV7 on 2nd October at 11:30am. So while in the process of getting indigestion during Raya… just tune in to the TV!

Just wanted to say… to all my bros and hoes (viewers, the NTV7 gang, all the editors and writers at the papers, friends, family)… thanks for all the support and kind words. Sniff! Sniff! Selamat Hari Raya!

My autograph is for sale… and I’M MUSLIM TOO! is still on ntv7!

Im Muslim Too! in BH (1st Sept 08)
Berita Harian (1 Sept 08)
New Straits Times (3 Sept 08)
New Straits Times (3 Sept 08)

So… the I’M MUSLIM TOO! month has begun! I did the mandatory publicity for the documentary… articles in the newspapers (click the images above to read) and also appeared on ntv7’s The Breakfast Show on 3 Sept 08 (visit ntv7’s website and watch the episode on CatchUp TV).

The price for my autograph has now gone up from RM5 to RM8! Damn right! Muahaha! But more importantly… don’t forget… Thursdays in September… 7:30pm… ntv7!

I’M MUSLIM TOO! airs on ntv7 in September 08

Okay! Keep your pants on! I know all of you have been chewing your fingernails in anticipation of Zan Azlee’s next brilliant piece of work! And here it finally is!

Thursdays, 7:30pm (thru Sept 08), ntv7
*shown in four 30-minute episodes

The full 73-minute version will be shown on Hari Raya. Tune in! Yeahhh babeyyyy!
(oh… the video clip above is the awesome trailer I just edited)