‘The Look-East Project’ is now in the editing stage. Not much progress yet! But I hope it gets done by end of January. Need to find some motivation (read: need to hire me an editor!).

I just realised that I never really explained what ‘The Look-East Project’ really is. If you still can’t figure it out after watching all the video blogs, then I guess you need help.

I head east!

I went on a road trip to Terengganu all by myself to shoot ‘The Look-East Project’. The drive wasn’t too bad. Six hours with frequent stops to the loo and also for short naps. And… I don’t care what people say… the Karak Highway is not haunted! C’mon!

Heed my call for funding.

(Song: Blues Terengganu Kita; By Iklim)

‘The Look-East Project’ gets press

‘The Look-East Project’ got some press coverage during the shoot in Terengganu. Funny thing is, Kosmo claims that I found out about the snake-wrangler girls from an article that appeared in their publication. The truth is that I read it in The Star! Haha! I didn’t even know Kosmo ran a similar article! And, they even misspelled my name! (Click here to read article)

I just got back from Terengganu and as soon as I go through the footages I shot… be prepared for more video blogs on the progression of the film!